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10 4A level scenic spots be canceled qualification   Jilin four "the list" – Jilin channel — people.com.cn original title: 10 4A level scenic area was canceled qualification newspaper in Beijing on 6 November,     (reporter Wang Ke) the day before, the National Tourism Administration announced the cancellation of 10 unqualified qualification 4A level scenic spots. The 10 4A level scenic spots include: Jilin city in Jilin Province, Suzaku Mountain National Forest Park, Jiutai bishuipengwan resort, two Longhu scenic area, Siping City, Changbai Mountain wild ecological garden area, Xuyi County of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou city of Peixian Seoul scenic area, Ganyu County, Lianyungang City, Japanese mountain scenic area, Huaian City, Hangzhou City, Ming Zuling scenic area, Zhejiang Ling’an bridge town area, fengle Changfeng County of Hefei City, Anhui Province, Bengbu City, Bengbu Ecological Park Scenic Water Gate Scenic area. National Tourism Bureau responsible person, scenic spot these problems mainly include: security management is not in place, the market order confusion, poor sanitation, tourism infrastructure and service facilities, a serious shortage of identification guide system shortage of resources, inadequate protection measures etc.. Meanwhile, the National Tourism Administration also announced the addition of 9 National 5A class tourist attractions. Up to now, the national 5A level scenic spots have reached 227. "People’s Daily" (07 November 2016 06 Edition) (commissioning editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan)相关的主题文章: