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12, 14, 18 pieces of children’s medication when no longer by hand breaking – Beijing in September 13th, the first child safety medication dissemination and development conference held in Beijing, breaking way of children’s medication safety issues of common medicine, science, research, production and other parties on behalf of the. The meeting was sponsored by the National Health Planning Commission Education Center, sunflower pharmaceutical small sunflower children’s Medicine Co. Southern medicine economic research which will be published on "survey of child safety medication in 2016 white paper" shows: children China adverse drug reaction rate is 2 times of the adult, newborn was 4 times, while China’s child specific medicines is less than 2%, pediatrician gap 200 thousand. Due to improper use of drugs, China has about 30 thousand children each year into a silent world. For children to use the drug only 60 kinds of 12 pieces and 14 pieces, 18 pieces, from newborn to infant, Beijing Children’s Hospital pharmacists are often faced with the tablets crushed into powder into the deep. The most headache or child parents. One parent said: "small pieces of less than 1 cm in diameter, how the average is divided into 4 copies? How to do?" Beijing Children’s Hospital pharmacy director Wang Xiaoling conducted a survey in 15 large-scale national pediatric hospital Pediatrics directory in which there are 1098 kinds of drugs, special drugs for children only 45, accounted for 4%; children usage specifications varieties accounted for 43%. At least 50% of the drug did not explain the usage of children. Suitable for children’s dosage forms, syrups and other varieties are very limited." Wang Xiaoling said that the 15 children’s Hospital pediatric catalog, dosage form in the forefront of the injection, tablets, oral solution only 21 kinds. White paper shows: at present, the number of children suffering from illness accounted for 19.3% of the number of people, there are more than 3500 kinds of drugs for secondary school children only use more than 60 kinds, accounting for only about 1.7% of the total. More than 95% of the drug without children’s medication safety packaging, not equipped with special measures; the more than 6 thousand pharmaceutical factories, specializing in the production of children’s medication only more than 10 children, a production enterprise is only 30. Wang Xiaoling said, compared with adults, children irrational drug use, medication errors caused by more serious drug damage. The white paper shows that in children, the proportion of drug poisoning accounted for all the toxic treatment of children rose from 53% in 2012 to about $73% in 2014. Judging from the age of poisoning, 0 – to 14 year old drug poisoning in children, the proportion of children aged between 1 – and the largest, accounting for 64% of the age of 4. Some parents lack of awareness of safe medication children sick half will be bad, anxious parents are the most common way to increase the amount of one piece is not enough to eat two, a drug can not add several. In order to allow children to eat the medicine, the medicine taking in milk, sugar, mixed drinks, porridge; without the guidance of a doctor, according to their own experience to their children or relatives…… Another mistake in children’s medication safety is to worry about side effects of drugs. Fear is a drug three points, once the symptoms reduce, many parents will stop taking medicine. Zhang Buyong, general manager of Medical Information Co., Ltd., 357相关的主题文章: