15 year old egg pain 9 hours before going to a doctor who lost the right testis restorator

15 year old egg pain 9 hours before going to a doctor who lost the right testis Metropolis Daily News (reporter Chen Yuan correspondent Qian Yin) 15 year old Li Jie (a pseudonym) sleep at night was suddenly down the "egg" to endure the pain he woke up, the hospital 9 hours later, the doctor discovered his right testicular torsion and necrosis, regret I had to remove it. 12 am, who lives in castle Li Jie awakened by a pain in the sleeping, because of the incident in the middle of the night, he always endure pain, until 9 in the morning the pain is getting worse and worse by the parents to Wuhan Puren Hospital Department of urology. "At that time, it was possible to determine the acute testicular torsion, quickly arranged for him to check the ultrasound, from the diagnosis to the operation room for less than half an hour, but still a step late, the right testicular torsion 720 degrees. The operation of open reduction after half an hour, right testicular blood supply has not recovered, regret, this can be removed for his testicular necrosis." Department of Urology doctor Li Yongfa introduced, although cut testicle affect children’s appearance but not male characteristics, influence on the reproductive ability of normal people, probably only 50%. Dr. Li Yongfa said that testicular torsion is a physiological emergency, adolescents are more prone to disease, usually in the quiet state of sleep occurs. Sleep when the testis in a relaxed state, turn over will make the testis by extrusion caused by torsion, torsion of testicular vein blood supply blocking congestion edema, thus making the arterial blood supply affected, if not timely reset will lead to testicular ischemia necrosis. Lee said that after testicular torsion occurs, only 6 hours of gold rescue time, the longer the delay, the smaller the possibility of preservation of the testis. So to remind the majority of men, once discovered the body pain, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, after a simple operation can be restored to normal.相关的主题文章: