2 year old boy playing with a small train suddenly crying is back mouth bite-9c8950

2 year old boy playing with a small train suddenly crying is back mouth "bite" 12:30 at noon on October 28th, Ningbo Jiangbei fire brigade command center received a transfer order that is located in Jiangbei District in the Horse Street 4 Lakeview Garden Room 1103, a 2 year old boy was half head home chair tightly bite to live, the situation is very emergency. Jiangbei fire brigade immediately dispatched 1 fire engines, 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene disposal. After arriving at the scene, the fire officers and men found that the boy’s head tightly stuck in the gap of the chair can not come out, parents are very anxious, the boy is stuck because the head can not come out, has been crying. At first, the fire officers and soldiers wanted to take the boy’s head out of the chair slowly, but after several unsuccessful attempts, the fire officers and men decided to break down and rescue, because the rescue space was relatively small, and the large-scale demolition tools could not be used at all. Then, the fire officers and men decided to cut the chair with a grinder in the cutting process, in order to prevent the boy to cause two damage, fire officers and soldiers immediately find a wet towel to cover the child’s head, and put a fire helmet to the boy’s mother put on. During the rescue, fire officers and soldiers from time to time to chat with the children, distraction, and asked the boy family will firmly hold the child’s head, to avoid the child for fear of escape resulting in emergency situations, after cutting a few minutes, the chair was successfully cut out a crack, then the fire brigade use a screwdriver to pry the chair. After the fire officers and soldiers more than ten minutes of intense rescue, eventually the child’s head was successfully rescued. Ms. Zhao tells mom afterwards according to the boy, the boy surnamed sun, 2 years old this year, before the children playing in the train, suddenly heard the child crying, Zhao mother discovered that the child’s head by the chair gap tightly bite to live, then rushed to the police fire department. Fortunately, the rescue in time, the boy did not cause any harm.

2岁男童玩小火车突然大哭 原是椅背张口“咬”人10月28日中午12时30分,宁波江北消防大队接到指挥中心调令称:位于江北区中马街道湖景花园4幢1103室,一名2岁半男童头被家里的椅子紧紧“咬”住,情况十分紧急。江北消防大队立即出动1辆消防车7名消防官兵赶赴现场处置。到达现场后,消防官兵发现男童的头紧紧地被卡在椅子的空隙中出不来,家长非常焦急,男童也因为头被卡住出不来,一直在大哭。起初消防官兵想反方向把男童的头从椅子中慢慢地拿出来,但尝试多次未果后消防官兵决定进行破拆营救,由于救援空间比较小,大型破拆工具根本用不了。随后,消防官兵们决定用磨光机对椅子进行切割,为了防止在切割过程中给男童造成二次伤害,消防官兵立即找来湿毛巾盖住孩子的头,并把消防头盔给男童的妈妈戴上。破拆期间,消防官兵不时与孩子聊天,分散其注意力,并嘱咐男童家人将孩子的头紧紧按住,避免孩子因害怕躲避导致出现突发情况,经过几分钟的切割,椅子被成功地切割出一道裂口,紧接着消防官兵用螺丝刀将椅子撬开。经过消防官兵十几分钟的紧张救援,最终小孩子的头被成功解救出来。事后据男童妈妈赵女士讲述,男童姓孙,今年2岁半,之前小孩子在那玩小火车,突然听到孩子大哭了起来,赵妈妈这才发现孩子的头被椅子的空隙紧紧“咬”住,随后赶忙报警求助消防部门。所幸营救及时,男童未造成任何伤害。相关的主题文章: