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20 stocks graphene full scan who will become the lead brother Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: surging in September 13th, A shares rose slightly, the graphene plates carry stocks rebound A new force suddenly rises. banner, Vico essence (600152), carbon (600516) and baotailong (601011), Dongxu photoelectric (000413) limit 4 shares, Hangzhou shares (603618), Letong shares (002319) or more than 8%. Another graphene stocks feast on this off? Since September, graphene stocks continued to be sought after by funds. According flush statistics show that since September a total of 4 related stocks to achieve large net inflow of funds, China power, rich technology, Nandu CHINT electric power and other 4 stocks attract more than 10 million yuan. Message level, the recent three positive collective release: 1, 2016 China International graphene Innovation Conference will be held in Qingdao from September 22nd to 24. The General Assembly will be "new forces, new normal, new breakthrough" as the theme, focusing on the preparation of graphene technology and new energy, heat, functional coatings, touch screen, conductive inks, composite materials, environmental protection, lubricants and other hot fields held special branch. 2, September 9th, the application of CHINT Grabat graphene technology held in Hangzhou (Chinese) conference, issued a number of technical solutions of graphene applications, which means that the preparation of graphene technology industry has achieved new progress. 3, September 6th China’s first graphene production base in Xiamen put into operation in 2020, its production capacity is expected to reach 5000 tons. Analysts pointed out that graphene is the thinnest, most powerful, conductive thermal conductivity of a new type of nano material, once the successful realization of commercial applications, the future is difficult to estimate. From the perspective of macro policy, the development of graphene has been supported by national and local governments at all levels. Since 2012, the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance issued a series of documents to support. Since 2015, China’s policy support for graphene is constantly doing addition". The State Council issued the "China manufacturing" in 2025, graphene has been incorporated into the "new material industry development plan" in the "13th Five-Year". Huatai Securities Analysis, graphene has the unique structure of the nano carbon layer, is currently the best known room temperature conductivity and thermal conductivity of materials, is the highest intensity substance known to man, with high light transmittance and huge surface area, is the "change flavor many key industrial materials". Since 2004, two British physicists successfully separated graphene from graphite, the world has carried out graphene research and application, and the development of supporting policies and funding support, made considerable progress. Graphene corporate earnings difficulties, the three bottlenecks restricting Industrialization: Although the country has the ability to prepare graphene powder and film, but still exist in the industrialization of graphene相关的主题文章: