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22 years old guy suffering from diseases and obesity is the root of vice computer science 105 kg body weight of Obese College Students Zhang Qi, the weight crushed his waist. Recently due to the difficulty of walking, he had to go back to the Chinese to do the surgery, lifting the waist obstruction, yesterday finally able to walk normally. The 22 year old Zhang Qi Wuhan, currently in Hainan university read senior. His parents, Zhang Qi fat in high school, has not been able to slim down. He is 1 meters tall and 76, skeleton robust, with students is known as "the big man". Because of the professional computer science, Zhang Qi sit in front of the computer for hours. A week ago, he left leg pain, walking limp, medicine, plaster, can not alleviate the pain. Parents can not worry, let him go back to Wuhan treatment. In the bone spine surgery city hospital, Liu Pei doctor found Zhang Qi, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation is the compression leg nerve, causing his left leg pain. The day before yesterday, the doctors of minimally invasive surgery for Qi Zhang, opened a 1 cm incision in his waist, surgical instruments through the transforaminal endoscopic lumbar lesions removed thoroughly. The operation itself is very smooth, but the weight of Zhang Qi brought a lot of trouble, in order to make up the position of fitness for surgery, 5 medical staff carrying him to adjust. Yesterday, Zhang Qi wear waist, get out of bed to walk, has been much easier, walking posture is normal. Liu Pei introduction, lumbar disc herniation after 50 years of age in the elderly, such as Zhang Qi, a little more than 22 years old guy. His analysis, when sitting, waist under pressure is 1.4 times when standing, Zhang Qi itself is very heavy, and develop a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, the long-term pressure induced occurrence of intervertebral disc herniation.相关的主题文章: