360 enterprise cloud disk charging must be real name authentication g227

The release of 360 enterprise cloud disk: charges must be real name authentication in October 20th, 360 cloud disk announcement said: will stop the personal cloud disk services, enterprise cloud services, legitimacy and security in the SkyDrive store, the dissemination of the contents can be solved thoroughly before no longer consider recovery. I thought the cloud business will be completely with the 360 say goodbye, but in fact, just a month later, the 360 cloud disk in another way to revive. Today, the 360 officially released the enterprise cloud disk, which is a professional enterprise cloud disk on the market at present is dedicated to serving the small and micro enterprises, entrepreneurial team, personal studio, the main safety and convenience. You want to use 360 enterprise cloud disk, the user uses the account login, you need to provide the name, phone number and other real name authentication information. Function, the main file management, file sharing, member management and other functions, the first version of the page, PC version and the Android version of the upcoming iOS version. Note that the 360 enterprise cloud disk is one of the most preferential payment service, the enterprise cloud disk packages only 99 yuan (100GB), supports up to 20 users; the most expensive 999 yuan (Platinum Edition), space 1TB, supports up to 1000 users. In addition, the platinum version of the user also supports expansion, the price of 200 yuan 100G years, the price of the expansion of the user is $10 members of the year of 200. After the opening of the service, through the 360 enterprise cloud disk a key import function, the original personal cloud disk data into the enterprise cloud disk, no need to download and upload.        相关的主题文章: