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5 well-known brokerage Thursday bullish 6 plates 33 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million: focus on non-ferrous metal cobalt zinc resource stocks recommended 3 stocks of zinc investments still concerned million tons of lead zinc ore value low pure zinc resources to build a new mining stocks (000688) and intends to inject quality assets of the stock industrial and mining (000426). Co investment targets can bargain concern has 2 billion 300 million cobalt cobalt resources inventory stocks Hurray cobalt industry (603799). Lianxun securities Tourism: mergers and acquisitions driven reported earnings growth recommended 8 shares the number of domestic tourists on half a steady growth of 10.47% to 2 billion 236 million people; and the number of outbound growth of 4.3% to 59 million 30 thousand people, the growth rate has slowed; the United States and Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan and Hong Kong and Singapore eye-catching performance, continued to fall. Into the second half of the tourist season, the first half of the second half to suppress the demand for the release of domestic travel, outbound tourism is expected to achieve a restorative growth. On the whole, the tourism industry sectors of the degree of order for: tourism integrated plate > attractions plate > hotel plate > catering sector. The focus of the company, pay attention to underestimate the value of the company’s Songcheng arts and Chinese CYTS, CITS, existence of SOE reform is expected to enhance the company expected passenger flow or scenic Mount Huangshan tourism, Guilin tourism and tourism in Yunnan, and to determine the growth of outbound tourism companies UTour and kaiser. GF Securities: environmental protection water treatment PPP showed the best recommended 6 shares to the PPP main line, focus on soil remediation theme. With the PPP expansion project, the water environment governance order is still in rapid release cycle, and from the traditional sewage, water supply project of large-scale copy to the comprehensive management of water environment (including sponge City, black smelly river governance) fields, related company to achieve rapid growth in revenue and profits. We recommend PPP environmental protection subject to relatively undervalued, ample cash flow utilities: Jiangnan water, heartland environment; in addition the order from elastic angle, recommend BOSCH branch. The theme of "new" from the perspective of governance sector continue to recommend the soil, soil remediation extremely low permeability, one is one of the key environmental protection work of environmental protection in 13th Five-Year period, on the other hand, the earth ten has been formally introduced, the future policy will continue to improve, industry marginal amplitude is large, the follow-up orders is expected to continue to fall. Related subjects: BOSCH branch, high-energy environment, Yongqing environmental protection. China and Thailand securities light manufacturing: furniture or sustained high economic report recommended 3 stocks sector earnings growth rebounded, restructuring stocks dragged down stock prices. The first half of the overall light manufacturing sector income and steady growth, revenue grew 8.85%, net profit attributable to parent company grew 32.66%, revenue and earnings growth significantly over the same period last year, earnings growth in revenue growth was mainly due to lower raw material costs and upgrading of consumption under the background of the first half of the gross margin increased 1.21 percentage points, driven the overall net profit margin reached 6.77%, an increase of 1.09 percentage points. From the share price performance point of view, the first half of the light manufacturing sector fell by 16.58%, running Shanghai and Shenzhen index of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index相关的主题文章: