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5 year old boy with black body caused by alkali burns Claus, soil kill people! – Sohu 5 year old boy when he fell into the water filled with large pots of boiling water, the whole person sitting in a large basin. At the time of the incident, grandma sat next to the big basin, but did not realize the danger. See the grandchildren crying, she would know that out of the event, she quickly picked up the child, and indigenous in children with alkali. Who knows, deposited in the body of these alkali, resulting in the dragon’s two damage. The doctor, the dragon body 80% of the area burned, and three degree burns, but the family is deposited in the wound on the base, resulting in two degrees of damage to the dragon’s body, causing burns all the dragon is black, is not yet out of danger. The child accident, must be timely to hospital, in addition to master some basic knowledge of first aid, do not use the method easily! Parents: accident blame remorse about the Dragon injury, his father mr.. Tragedy occurred at about 3 o’clock PM 13, when the Dragon followed her grandmother to her aunt’s home, did not expect an accident. Dragon’s father recalled that the house, where a large basin, are loaded with boiling water, and then he played there, sitting directly in the boiling water inside". Dragon body burns up to 80%. Mr. Sun said that when his son was half a year old, he and his wife are out of work, usually stay at home, take care of grandparents. The doctor said that the Dragon belongs to severe burn, not yet out of danger, and the children were infected with shock. And burn all black, and this family in the injury after the discovery of the dragon dragon improper treatment. The application of a layer of alkali on the wound will result in further wound and injury, which is equal to two times. Frequent tragedy: Indigenous with caution, to timely referral has also recently occurred due to unauthorized use of "indigenous" Tragedies — the parents to the baby body caused by the cooling liquor respiratory arrest. Shenzhen Futian District maternal and child health hospital admissions of a delirious boy, the original is the child parents give children have a fever with liquor cooling caused by systemic bath physical, after the rescue children gradually restore vital signs stable. Coincidentally, Shenzhen city children’s hospital admissions over a 1 year old boy parents with industrial alcohol "method" fever, unfortunately this boy died. Burn rescue: water blunt wound more than 15 minutes the most critical in case the child was burned, the doctor pointed out that after the discovery of the parents, immediately rinse with water at room temperature for more than 15 minutes is the most critical. Many parents mistakenly thought to be the first time to tear off the children’s clothing, check the condition, but the clinical confirmed that it is best to use scissors to cut clothing and dress, rather than the opposite strip steps, so as to keep the skin burn. "Don’t think anyway, the skin has been boiled, burnt to death, no use; it is the skin layer of protective film, not only to avoid the scald deepened, but also avoid the red and white leather woven dermis exposed, promote healing. There are also key steps to wash more than 15 minutes before cutting. The body temperature is about 37, if the skin is heated above 42 degrees Celsius, it will form a burn!相关的主题文章: