5 year old girl falls on the second floor of the miracle survived, door and window protection with m vidown

5 year old girl falling 11 miracle survivors, with windows and doors I do maternal Sohu in September 5th at 8 pm, Sichuan falls in the Chengdu area of a 5 year old girl, the pressure off branches after the rain falls on the soft green belt. Residential tenants to see, the little girl did not cry, was also found after the discovery: "I am the 11 floor." Wuguan staff and neighbors of the little girl to a nearby hospital, the girl’s mother rushed to the falls. She learned that the little girl had broken two ribs and had pneumothorax, but she was conscious. It is reported that the girl’s mother sent her son to school, the little daughter locked at home alone. The girl fell to the 11 floor, broken trees into the green belt on the night of the day, the district’s tenants are discussing the thrilling scene about 20 minutes ago: a doll fell from the second floor, fell into the green belt on the first floor. An old man recalled the scene, when he was on the first floor of the teahouse. "I heard a boom." When he ran out, he saw a doll in the green belt. "No blood, no tears, there blinking." At the time, also on the first floor of the mahjong boss told reporters, after the doll also want to stand up. "We just don’t move." Reporters on the scene noted that there are three or four root broken branches in the doll’s side, about two fingers thick; the tree also hung a branch. "The branches were broken when the baby fell down." "I’m on the 11 floor." Then another lady recalled in the scene, facing the crowd of residents, falls girls actually said such a sentence. (experts say the branches and the green belt buffer role his father reflection will have hidden dangers daughter alone at home) Wuguan door-to-door inquiries, confirm the neighbor is 11 floor Doll "I heard colleagues rushed past the emergency call." District property management staff said Mr. Xu, colleagues did not hear the little girl claiming to be the 11 floor, they began to knock on each floor to ask the little girl down the direction of tenants. In the 11 floor, a household said the same layer of a neighbor has a little girl. "I followed it to see that the neighbor’s daughter." The warm-hearted man called the little girl’s mother. About 8:20, in the property management staff and neighbors accompanied by the little girl was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, her mother also rushed to the hospital. That night, the reporter also met the little girl’s mother in the hospital. "I’m in a mess now." She told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, daughter two ribs broken. Doctors said the child has symptoms of pneumothorax. Emergency room, the little girl lying on the bed around the observation, a few scratches on his face. Worried about her daughter’s body, the little girl’s mother was daughter referral for further examination and treatment. The children alone at home, his father: she said he Pachuang falls "you can imagine how I felt." Yesterday afternoon at 5 o’clock, the little girl’s father, Mr. Jiang red eyes told reporters. The incident that night he was on a business trip in the field, after 8 o’clock received his wife’s phone, he quickly set a return ticket, rushed to the hospital yesterday morning, next to his daughter. "My daughter’s lungs are still a little asked.相关的主题文章: