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500 network anchor with wages did not sign brokerage company Taoxin Beijing in difficult – to "broadcast" work hard to get a basic salary in January suggested that industry norms as the basis of rights recently, there are media reports in Xi’an, about 500 in the network broadcast platform to help anchor "broadcast" work for nearly 1 months, not only did not get a commitment to basic salary, even unable to login account to make. Anchor brokers pay nearly 1 months, there is still no substantive progress, causing hot network. The cause of 500 network anchor with wages in September this year, a network anchor and agent two post rain by a friend, "to broadcast live anchor recruitment platform. Get in touch with the rain is not to broadcast platform official, but two from Nanjing, brokers Zhou Chen and Zhou Yao. Light rain, said Zhou Yao is mainly responsible for the platform to be commissioned by the brokerage firm to contact, Zhou Chen is responsible for docking with the rain and the recruitment of anchor. They have been linked through WeChat, and did not meet. Zhou Chen and Zhou Yao asked the anchor recruitment from September 21st to October 20th in the broadcast broadcast platform, and promised to pay 2000 yuan per person base salary and cash exchange during the live broadcast network gift mini fans. They agreed with rain and other anchors, before November 15th, to pay all the money the anchor should receive. However, after the rain, and she recruited 500 anchors to finish the work early on November 5th, the rain and the other anchor, Zhou Chen and Zhou Yao will they from WeChat "blacklist delete", they realized that the problem, the original belongs to its own reward may be nowhere to go to. As a result, light rain and several other anchor on behalf of WeChat, Zhou Chen, Zhou Yao and brokerage firms on behalf of contact. The company is registered in Tibet, Clark culture media Co., ltd.. The legal representative of the company Zhu, WeChat named ke. Light rain to reporters show WeChat chat screenshot, in the WeChat group, Zhu insisted that all the money has been paid to Zhou Chen, and produced a weekly morning has received personal statement of money". Although this statement on the signature and fingerprints, but rain said: he refused to produce bank water, said the contract is a trade secret." Later, Zhu will be the morning call to light rain, but the phone has been no answer. The problem did not sign brokerage Taoxin difficult fruitless negotiations, with a lot of rain involved trying to anchor directly with the "broadcast" platform official contact. November 10th, to broadcast APP official micro-blog issued an official statement to broadcast". The statement said, the long-term cooperation mechanism to broadcast platform for the city of Tianjin District of Wuqing xingshuo culture studio, xingshuo culture to broadcast platform anchor recruitment cooperation project commissioned by a natural person Zhu (WeChat name and foreign common name: g a) is responsible for. To broadcast platform and xingshuo to Zhu culture has never promised its delivery of any salary or anchor minimum service return to broadcast platform with Zhu I anchor recruitment reached any cooperation. Then, Zhu xingshuo in cooperative organization culture is not informed, Zhu will contract the project in cooperation"相关的主题文章: