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The 52 year old woman to her husband in the fireworks to commemorate the 30 anniversary of marriage the ashes of the original title: 52 year old woman put her husband into ashes to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the two fireworks wedding wedding fireworks’ 52 year old LesleyO Neill 4 months ago lost her husband Harry Harry died of renal failure, and just recently ushered in the two people 30 wedding anniversary, to celebrate this special day, but also to give her husband a beautiful end, Lesley decided to send her husband into the ashes of fireworks sky. It is reported that, Harry married soon fell ill, was diagnosed with type I diabetes, over time, Harry body organs have been damaged. At first, Harry was able to respond well to two daily injections of insulin and a special diet, to control glucose levels, and to live a happy life at home. But after age, Harry’s health problems frequently occur, eventually died of renal failure. Lesley and her husband Harry was married in 1986, they were high school classmates, when two people in their early years of the age of ten, although the relationship was good at the time of the two, but there is no excessive intersection. Until the age of 17 at a friend’s Party met again, two talents dark feelings, began to intercourse. Lesley said her husband has been very love space, had wanted to be an astronaut, the movie is science fiction, always staring at the outer space of the picture to see. Therefore, she felt that Harry would also like this memorial. As the fireworks exploded, the ashes of Harry rose to nearly 80 meters high with fireworks, after the gorgeous bloom, flashing gold, blue and purple spots gave Harry a beautiful end. Lesley said it was the last thing she could do for her husband. Source: China Youth Network Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: