The first annual artnet Awards Fosun Art Center night dinner 魔界骑士イングリッド

The first annual artnet Awards: Fosun Art Center night dinner show – the world’s first big data based on the Artist Award – Fosun Art Center grand debut – artnet for the first time released "global art auction China Statistics Yearbook" – Miyajima man custom installation art "Digital Sky Garden" the starting ceremony of the first 2016 artnet · Art Award; Fosun night art center. Photo: artnet the evening of November 7, 2016, the global art authority online platform artnet for the first time to join the Fosun Art Center held a "2016 first artnet Art Award · Fosun Art Center night" theme dinner. Fosun art center. Picture: Fosun Art Center (Fosun Foundation) at the Shanghai Biennale, then west art and ART021 Art Fair on the eve of the banquet for Shanghai Art Week kicked off. Nearly 200 of the art world’s most influential people, artists, collectors, art museum curator will come together, share the splendid artistic glory night. That night, artnet will release fourth copies of "Chinese art auction World Statistics Yearbook" — China art markets the most authoritative; in addition, artnet will be awarded the 2016 annual Art Awards, a large data based on the global art Jieshou art awards. Artnet team, published in "W" magazine 2015 5. Picture: W Magazine the new landmark of the dinner will be completed in Shanghai new – held Art Center for the first time for Fosun grand debut. Fosun Group specially for the event ahead of the opening of Miyajima building, and held the man custom installation art "Digital Sky Garden" ceremony. Fosun chairman Wang Jinyuan Art Center said Fosun Art Center will be a to Shanghai, to show the world the fusion of traditional and modern cultural diversity center. Artnet Greater China director Zhang Ran introduction, as the big data artnet art awards based on the global history of the first break the normal procedure, is not only a new attempt to establish the value system, more objectively reflect the choice of ecological art. The selection model includes the global gallery and gallery exhibition records, important institutions and private collections, artnet price database auction data, media exposure and news hot search and other public data sources. After artnet and art industry independent research organization YIS ("the world of a" team) – including quantitative analysis, information science and art industry experts, months of constructed artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and calculation of the model, the results reflect the hitherto unknown objectivity and transparency. At the scene, artnet will release the industry’s authoritative market white paper – fourth copies of the Chinese auction industry association, "China’s cultural heritage of the world’s annual auction statistics report". Photo: artnet.相关的主题文章: