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Chief investment officer raised more than 70% look at the Shanghai refers to a significant decline in the initiative opening – fund channel from September 16th to 21 days a week, 21 Capital Institute of north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four researcher for the domestic mainstream public fund investment director (or equity investment director) launched the seventh phase of "public fund investment director monthly survey". Investigation on the future trend of A shares a month view and judgment. 38 questionnaires were issued, and the total effective questionnaires were recovered by 33. According to Wind statistics show that as of 2016 two at the end of the season, the 33 investment director of public fund management scale of funds amounted to 4 trillion and 730 billion yuan, accounting for the end of the two quarter of public fund industry fund management scale of 58.17% of the total. Survey results show that most of the public investment director for the next month to see the trend of A shares flat, see the level of investment in the Shanghai Composite Index accounted for 72.73%, see the level of the gem index investment director accounted for more than 57.58%. In addition, positions higher than 80% (including 80%), accounting for only about $42.42% investment, down from last month’s 7.58% of 50%. 50% of the investment director in the past month positions did not change, for the opening of the initiative investment director of only 6 people, accounted for the decline from 40.63% in August to 18.75%, the degree of decline significantly, and take the initiative to lighten the proportion increased from 15.62% in August to 31.25%. Overall, whether it is expected for the next month, the market trend, or changes in the position of the director of investment in the position, are clearly reflected in the attitude of the current market more cautious than last month. For the next market, we do not seem optimistic. More than 70% of the stock index survey shows that, compared to last month, in September raised the investment director for the next month, the trend of A shares, tend to be cautious. According to a survey of 21 Capital Institute of next month A Shanghai stock index market trend judgment, 33 investment director, see Ping (the Shanghai Composite Index rose from -5% to 5%) there are 24, accounting for 72.73%; the call (Shanghai stock index rose more than 5%) of the 5, accounting for 15.15%; put (the Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 5%) of the 2; another 2 investment director believes bad judgment. Compared with the previous statistical data, the respondents raised investment director who not only the continuation of last month’s cautious attitude, but also become more cautious, look at the proportion compared to last month increased by 13.35%; the proportion of bullish from last month’s 25% drop to 15.15% this month. (chart 1) and for the next month, A stock index index of the market trend, the majority of the same look flat, bearish next. Among them, (look at the gem index rose from -5% to 5%) there are 19, accounting for 57.58%, up 4.45% over the same period last month; bearish (GEM index fell more than 5%) of the 6, accounting for 18.18%, up 5.68% over the same period last month; bullish (GEM index rose more than 5%). Only 3, accounting for 9.09%, less than last month)相关的主题文章: