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How does the child grow ache to do? – the growth phase of the Sohu is very critical for children and mothers, I believe that parents are very important for the growth of children. Each child will experience some more or less difficult for humanitarian suffering. As parents look in the eyes of pain in the heart. In the long period of time in the body of the child, sometimes, the child complained of leg pain, go to the hospital after examination and no problem, this is exactly how to go? In fact, this may be the child’s growth and pain in time. Growing pain is a child growing up in the process will be a thing. For the child growing pain, mom and dad to how to deal with it? What is the growth of pain? It is normal for children aged 3-5 years and 8-12 years old to have occasional pain and sharp pain. A lot of children in the process of growing up always feel leg pain, especially in the front and rear thigh muscles, knee and calf. Usually the pain occurs during the first few hours of sleep in the afternoon, evening or night. In the morning, I don’t feel any pain. Sometimes the pain may be relatively mild, the child does not have any feeling, sometimes the pain will be very strong, it will wake up the child pain. Some children may feel abdominal pain or headache when they feel pain. Sometimes even affect the child’s sleep, the child is a very painful thing. Growing pains, just from the point of view of the name may make us misunderstand. There is no evidence that the pain is due to the length of the bone in the study. Medical experts are unable to explain why the child will grow up in the process of these pain. But medical experts find that it seems more likely that children will feel pain after strenuous exercise. However, this pain is not to say that the child did something wrong or slow down a little. It’s normal and healthy for a child to feel pain. In fact, 25%~40% children feel pain at some stage during their growing up. At the same time, girls are more likely to experience this pain than boys. How can I tell if it’s growing pain or other pain? This is not a very good area. Sometimes the child’s situation is very serious, but mom and dad will think it is a growing pain. Therefore, if the child suddenly felt severe pain, the parents had better take the child to the hospital to check. Usually, growth pain lasts 10-15 minutes, and both sides of the body often feel the pain, the pain is almost (occasionally appear in different time). The pain is usually in the muscles, not the joints. Growing pains are alone feeling, and will not cause a cold, cold, redness, weakness or joint pain. During the examination, the doctor will usually look at other places that can cause pain to diagnose whether it is a growing pain. Some of these symptoms represent a more serious condition, such as infection, fractures, cancer, leukemia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or other joint problems. 1, pain occurs at a specific point. Doctors may arrange for a child to have a bone scan to see if there is a bone infection or fracture. take相关的主题文章: