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A word not just Dutch act   because of emotional problems, young man drove his wife into a river — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: yiyanbuge is driving Dutch act because of emotional problems, young men carrying wife River "we arrived at the river, the car has been out of the first half of the course, the situation is very dangerous." 30 morning, Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau police station in the fight patrol found a black car into the river, police decisive halt, timely rescue a pair of young couples to Jiang Dutch act. 30, under heavy rain, struggling police station Ni Hongtao, Qu rich, patrol found when she was a young woman was covered with water poured through the rain crying in the rain stood in the rain, the rain, the rain, the rain, the rain, the rain and the rain, when the police patrol, found that a young woman was standing in the rain crying. Police asked, pointing to a woman in a black car said: "he and I Dutch act, I don’t want to die!" When the car is fast toward the river rushed into the river before the post, half out of the body along the river. Although the car stuck in the dike, but obviously we can see that, the driver was trying to step on the accelerator. Police quickly stepped forward to see the police came, sitting in the car, the young man shouted to the police: do not you tube, this is my thing!" Two police station in the car after the car is not pulled down continued to slide, a man to pull the door of persuasion, the man hesitated for a long time, finally followed the police back to the police station to get off. It is understood that the young couple just married soon, because of emotional problems. 30 am, the man and his wife drove out, there is no more than a few people quarrel again in the next two. The man suddenly excited not to live, and his wife voted to commit suicide, his wife was scared to jump off the car, thanks to the timely detection and suppression of patrol police. At present, after police persuasion and education, man has to give up Dutch act idea, two people have been brought back to his family. (Li Weibing) (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: