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Xinjiang innovation ability to change the image of China’s manufacturing Silicon Valley fear it? Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, the Chinese manufacturing has been regarded as a synonym for the outside world is no innovation, but the innovation of Xinjiang but with their own practical actions to refute this argument. In this regard, the United States science and technology media The Verge long-term contributor to Thomas – Rick (ThomasRicker) recently wrote to Xinjiang innovation in changing China inherent image efforts carried out a analysis. The following is the main content of this paper: at the beginning of 2012, Xinjiang innovation and technology released its first unmanned suit "Hot Wheels" (Flamewheel). This product is a consumer positioning super fancier products need to be assembled, because a lot of work after the purchase. December 2012, Xinjiang released the first Phantom (ELF) UAV, and the emergence of this product has successfully changed everything. Due to Xinjiang has been used to operate behind the scenes, so that the company’s first even did not play the spirit of the great Xinjiang Logo, the fuselage is only a small removable label. However, after the launch of this wizard UAV quickly swept the world. Frost And Sullivan analyst Michael – (Michael Blades), said: they almost rely on this product to subvert the entire industry." It should be said that Xinjiang’s first elf UAV has the property to attract professionals, but also very easy to use for beginners. And it does not need to be assembled manually, but also has a good endurance and stability, "this product really narrow the distance between toys and professional tools." Brad J said. In fact, undertaking large Xinjiang and many American start-ups like, you can simply put even above the hot wheels replaced Apple’s "Apple I", the "Wizard" UAV replaced "Apple II", one of the most famous stories of innovation in the history of the United States and you see is. But, after all, is not an American company, it is a Chinese technology company, which may make Silicon Valley feel a little worried. For example, the motion camera maker GoPro recently entered the UAV market, and released a foldable Karma uav. However, this is expected to have a high degree of UAV unexpectedly missing the two main features of the fans are looking forward to, that is, anti-collision and follow mode. On the other hand, the new MavicPro Xinjiang launched folding UAV has not only the lack of these functions of Karma, but also increased the latest gesture control, which allows the user to generate UAV attention by waving arms, then it sends a signal to let the user follow, and their prices are almost the same. Therefore, the GoPro often appear in the propaganda film of those obsessed with skiers, surfing and mountain biking for which no chance more attractive? Of course, we can not be too harsh on GoPro, after all, the company entered the industry soon, and with another U.S. drone manufacturer 3D Roboti.相关的主题文章: