Microsoft Lu Qi injury may be due to smoke or to join drops naughty怎么读

Microsoft Lu Qi because of the wound turnover may be smoke or join drops of Qi Lu (information) Microsoft vice president Lu Qi has suddenly resigned from the company, the outside world was saying he left for health reasons. But the interface news reporter was informed that the United States science and technology circles the highest ranking Chinese executives are likely to go to the Chinese company drops jobs. This news has not been officially confirmed. Lu Qi left the news first broke out by the U.S. media Recode. Reported that the reason for the departure of Lu Qi is riding a few months ago was injured, due to increased severity and forced to leave. For this reason it is difficult to adopt sound. Although some people know Lu Qi was injured in the United States, treatment is not ideal, then return to participate in the activities, has also been to Taiwan for treatment, but did not have to think of leaving so serious, "Microsoft insiders revealed the news to the interface in the sick, during this period, Lu Qi and showed no illness turnover intention. According to the sources to the interface of news sources, or because of the departure of Qi Lu was poaching, and the new owner is Chinese travel company drops. In fact, before the departure of Lu Qi, Microsoft has been circulated inside him to go to work Uber CTO rumors. The rumour is related to the change in his business. Lu Qi is an important part of the jurisdiction of the business should (Bing), and in the last year, Microsoft sold part of the business of the map to Uber. Then, the team about hundreds of employees to join Uber, these employees are in the map will be responsible for the image data, to obtain 3D, Bing Maps, aerial Street pictures etc.. But if Lu Qizhen went to bits and pieces, but also in line with the technical and personnel needs of drops. Drops as an Internet travel company, in the face of a technical problem is the massive data processing. In 2015, when the company invested in U.S. counterparts Lyft, CEO Liu Qing, said in an interview with the interface, Lyft company’s experience in dealing with data will bring benefits to them. Lu Qi has deep experience in dealing with data. From the beginning of 1998 at the YAHOO service, is responsible for the search business, while Microsoft, the search business is his key business sectors, he helped build artificial intelligence business in the company’s most recent results, which drops and mass data processing required in the path have in common. The China drops company, a $26 billion valuation in the global unlisted companies in the top, Liu Qing has extensive experience in the global market CEO to have apple invested $1 billion in Chinese market mergers and acquisitions Uber local authorities, now the most indispensable is a global standard of technical personnel. For Lu Qi, drops can also be a good choice, leaving the mature Microsoft, to the growing Chinese companies. The technology industry top Chinese Lu Qi in technology circles an important position of the Chinese national identity is the highest, he served as executive vice president of Microsoft’s global position, directly to the Microsoft CEO Satya – Nadella report..相关的主题文章: