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Former Israeli President Peres’s funeral held in Jerusalem: the original title of former Israeli President Peres’s funeral held in Jerusalem in September 30 Jerusalem Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Fan Xiaolin Yang Zhiwang) the ninth president of Israel Shimon Peres’s funeral 30 days morning local time in Jerusalem at the mount Herzl national cemetery. Israeli President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu to the party leaders, current and former leaders and U.S. President Obama, French President Hollande, Palestinian President Abbas and other more than and 70 countries, Peres’s children, grandchildren, relatives and friends attended the funeral. The morning of the 30 day, placed in the Israeli Parliament Square on the Peres coffin by police escort to mount Herzl national cemetery. Rivlin, Netanyahu, former U.S. President Clinton, Peres and Obama’s children at the funeral eulogy has. Netanyahu said in his eulogy, Peres is one of the founders of State of Israel, is one of Israel’s greatest leaders, he has won the respect of all people. He said that Peres’s vision, optimism, the quest for peace, so that he not only become the great man, is also the world’s great. Today, not only Israel, the whole world is mourning for Peres. Obama praised Peres in his eulogy, saw the necessity of the establishment of an independent State of Palestine, even in the face of the terrorist attacks, in the efforts for peace talks after repeated setbacks, Peres still recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination. Efforts to continue the peace process have now shifted to the hands of the younger generation of israel. The famous writer, Peres’s friend Amos Ozzy said in his eulogy, Peres is a great dreamer. Some people say that peace is impossible to achieve the dream, but Ozzy believes that peace is essential and inevitable, the future needs of the brave leaders like Peres continue to push. After the ceremony, Peres’s coffin by 8 Israeli generals Fuling, was taken to mount Herzl National Cemetery tomb buried in the summit area, between the former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and the mausoleum of Shamir. According to Jewish traditional burial customs, the IDF chief rabbi of the sons and daughters of Peres as he recited a prayer for. On behalf of Netanyahu, and the leaders of Israel, Israeli institutions laid a wreath on the tomb of Peres. According to Israeli police, the size and scale of the day of the funeral of Peres called unprecedented, the police put the largest security forces to ensure the smooth progress of the funeral. Peres, 28, died at the age of 93 after a stroke in hospital for about two weeks. As Israeli politics "the evergreen tree", Peres in the last 70 years of political career, served as Congressman for 50 years, served as a political leader, and served as president, prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister and Minister of Finance and other positions. Peres made a great contribution for Israel’s military, nuclear industry and the promotion of technological innovation in Israel, and dozens of years has been working in the Middle East, especially the realization of peace between Israel and Palestine, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, was 3相关的主题文章: