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Where are the practical but not used buttons on the car? – Sohu 1, airbag buttons, according to the relevant departments of the United States, the airbag pops up to about 40 kilometers per hour. This will bring some problems, the smaller the driver because the body is close to the steering wheel, the accident occurred when the speed is not particularly fast, staff is not injured due to the accident itself, but it is easy to be quickly ejected by air. So in order to reduce unnecessary casualties, it was even proposed to set the airbag switch on the car, so that the driver himself to decide whether to use the airbag system. It is necessary to open the button if the vehicle is high. 2, the ESP ESP button when the vehicle is because centrifugal force under the action of the impending sideslip, by braking part of wheels and the body remains stable and controllable. Are generally open, so many owners have not used this button, in case one day not to be off, you should pay attention to. This switch is designed for as long as the pursuit of ultimate drivers, such as drift will close the vehicle stability system, but the daily driving, it is not recommended to shut down. 3, speeding key this can be said that the car is almost open scrapped, has not used the button, some models are set in the center console. The main role of the overdrive button is to limit the gear up to the overdrive, so that the gear can be controlled within 123 of these three gears, so that you can quickly overtake. In the congestion of the road, the gear will be limited to three within the block, you can reduce the unnecessary switching solenoid valve, thereby extending its service life. Long downhill, the vehicle control many owners can not be good, just press this button, the braking function of the engine can be avoided, because has been put on the brakes to the brakes and wear, improve safety. 4, the high beam light button to clear in what section of the owners to use the high beam light, the frequency of use will be relatively high, but for what I don’t know how to correctly use the high beam of the owner, because people are the "strike hard" beam of dogs, caused many owners of a road near Kaiyuan, never light. But in some circumstances, it is necessary to use the high beam light, such as no street lights, very few vehicles on the road, overtaking reminder, high speed to see things far away when they are used to. 5, the seat memory button to open the ignition switch, without starting the engine; and then adjust the seat and steering wheel, the rearview mirror to your satisfactory position; then press the "set" button, then you will find the "light set" button on the light; you can press "1" or "2" key. The seat, steering wheel and mirror position will be stored in the button "1" or "2" key, the "light set" button on the show successfully extinguished, storage! If your memory is "1"". When your family is driving, adjust the distance, and remember as "2", and then the next time you drive, you press the "1", the seat will be directly adjusted to your driving state. 6, lumbar support adjustment key to overcome the long drive waist fatigue system相关的主题文章: