55 set up the whole class Uzi or im in no state to join-mmhouse

55 set up the whole class Uzi or IM in no state to join the arrival of October indicates that the winter is about to begin, the North has gradually dropped to below zero temperatures, in this cold season, 2016 of the global finals LPL defeat is undoubtedly more let the audience feel like events more cold, but more painful is IM is a club owner, white 55. 55 decides the whole class of recombinant IM as a former occupation player, 55 had obtained the S finals runner up the pinnacle of achievement, to live after retirement he has never forgotten his heart on the gaming, to a championship round dream, 55 open directly in IM this branch within a year to complete a LSPL the acquisition of LPL this year, S finals, team three jump miracle. But hopefully he, in this autumn did not usher in a new miracle, IM just lost out to his group phase is extremely upset, but after the broadcast, 55 also expressed their views, he believes that South Korean aid in the inconvenience on communication restrict the development team, the whole class of FW LMS it can overcome a SKT condition, LPL? Then to the audience made to form a IM class fulfill promises next year, otherwise it will directly exit the team shares. South Korea aid Korea aid could help LPL LPL League has become the focus of domestic public opinion, from the contradiction between Inesc and UZI first, and to the Mata single hand assisted Jess in negative competition, to the end of S5 after Deft and Spirit after the declaration of home, event storm, can be said that these former South Korean top players come, Chinese happened after little change, as the game commentary to the magic said after the game, watching the game more today feel communication is a team of the most important, so which is the first to aid Korea Chinese most worthy of introduction, if any Yuanlai but not Chinese Han communication words are resolved the fundamental problem that can not be." We can see in the S6 game, whether it is RNG or IM or EDG, they are in varying degrees than the opponent made more mistakes, which is the embodiment of the drawbacks of communication. These battle hardened veterans have mature technology, but the hunger for titles but not so strong, they can only attract large salaries. Because for them, the term LPL to describe the pension, more appropriate point. From the initial purpose, most Korean aid motivation is not to score, they are very difficult to have the kind of battle for the country’s sense of honor and sense of mission, which is to promote arch-criminal now situation, so the whole class has more responsibility and cohesion may be the only way to save LPL. UZI or IM will be new candidates through the white speech we can see that IM substitution can not be avoided by recombinant LPL, but to domestic double C outstanding that are really hard to find Biden days, due to the impact of Korean aid era, more and more domestic new no culture, not out of date. Now remain in the stadium are mostly left golden age veteran, and to develop a new!相关的主题文章: