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You work so hard, you owe yourself a luxury travel – Sohu travel those years we have a dream, about love, about photography, about writing, about the movie, about the world travel. No dream, why the distance. This sentence is years ago lyrics, but also these years have encouraged me to forward a word, as the Pearl River Metro, I grew up here, but also personally witnessed the changes and development of the city, once there is a piece of farmland, now the city square has become a Guangzhou’s living room, the tall buildings modern, prosperous and spectacular. These years accompany us to grow up the dream, now all forget. I want to be a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, a fighter, an astronaut, an entrepreneur, maybe, in this era of commercialization, we are ashamed to say that our dream is to become a billionaire. It’s better to set a small goal. Once thought, I think I can achieve the dream of a house and a car as soon as possible, life is not a matter to bring you the real feeling, we need to constantly improve their taste for life, a soul and wealth are rich people. I drive from Baiyun Avenue through the Guangyuan Expressway turn into Guangzhou road when suddenly feel that the dream is sometimes a fat man, one day will be thinner. I parked in the parking lot negative two floor, take the elevator to the 65 floor, familiar with the background music, this is the Park Hyatt Hotel, luxury high wind tonality is cold, I also love the super individual star hotel, through the glass to see the waistline, the sun slanting in the lobby lounge on the sofa out of the window. Is my more than and 20 years of living in the city, the Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel, the hotel is not to experience, not to see the scenery, but this time I came to attend the Star Cruise will meet the media, to understand the ship starting in Guangzhou home in front of the most dynamic new luxury cruise. I also hope that after the Guangzhou international cruise terminal, you can cruise in Guangzhou to the world. In this fast-paced era, the choice of cruise life is a slow pursuit of taste. Today’s cruise market received a warm can also see the material quality of life to improve the quality of the people of the cruise service is also rising. Our cruise DREAM CRUISES cloud dream voyage will meet the media, a roadshow journey home, and Kelly cruise before sailing journey home, Asia’s first luxury cruise home port of Nansha, November 13th Guangzhou flight, is said to have been sold out. Our president Mr. Brown Thatcher. Also at the scene, the ship will set sail to share – the latest news on the market, Chinese cruise will also Star Cruise views, distinguished service to the media show in advance, heart dream, wind sail. The inaugural ceremony of this media conference for "Genting dream" secret, a lot of big events will unfold on the cruise, the cruise "dream life" – unique series of sharing, including invited former NASA astronauts to "cloud dream" and passengers face sharing space travel experience. On the dream, explore, find MI, celebrate, intoxicated, enjoy the luxury, romantic feelings. "Genting dream" in October 12th by the German shipyard delivered star.相关的主题文章: