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About 100 Tips lead to lose weight, you can refer to: weight loss is really a long way, even if you keep large amount of exercise, eat more still can not lose you want to get rid of meat. So in this long process, you pay attention to these small areas to help you better fat loss. (source: VOGUE fashion network) about sports 1. Adhere to the diversity of sports fitness, avoid weight loss platform period. 2. Three times a week to ensure that 20 minutes of strength training, because muscles can burn more calories than fat. 3. Try moving average Kettlebell — 20 minutes can burn 400 calories. 4. Do sprint training, it can be more effective against abdominal fat. 5. More than usual five minutes of aerobic exercise. 6. Choose high intensity yoga, such as Aas Tonga Yoga (Ashtanga) or (Vinyasa), to burn more calories at full stretch. 7. Don’t stand there when brushing do some squats, queuing time to do a few toes movement, when the phone or do some lunges squat. 8. Choose a different floor of the toilet, so that they climb a few stairs. 9. The living room to prepare a few dumbbells, watching TV can be a few times. 10. Follow those 10 minutes of exercise video and start doing exercise now. Pay attention to these 11 at home. Follow the 8020 principles, to ensure a healthy diet of 80% of the time, but give yourself the time to indulge in about 20%. 12. Take time to plan your weekly purchases of food and snacks so that you are ready to be hungry. 13. Record what you eat every day, and share the list with your friends who lose weight every night. Someone can make you more honest about yourself. 14. Prepare a big blackboard in the kitchen, write down the plan for the three meals a day, or the inspirational quotes. 15. Every week or even a day to take a self timer, so that they can clearly see the changes in the body. Put all the photos in a small pot, remind yourself to reach the ultimate goal. 16. Boredom, depression or stress, the most likely to have the idea of eating. Find a way to relieve eating outside, like to go out for a walk, to call a friend chat, a hot bath, read a good book or yoga. 17. To ensure at least seven hours of sleep per night. Fatigue is usually the reason not to exercise and eat snacks. 18. Loose clothes can keep out excess body fat, and make you lazy at home. Even at home, but also try to wear clothes to monitor their own. 19. Small pieces of fruits and vegetables are often stored in the refrigerator, which is easy to catch at any time. 20. Don’t store junk food in the kitchen so you don’t always want to eat. About breakfast 21. Control breakfast calories at around 300 to 400 calories. 22. At the breakfast smoothie add fiber rich in green vegetables, avocado and berries, and this can make you.相关的主题文章: