Long Qingquan attended the 9· 19 children’s Day ceremony vy canis majoris

Long Qingquan attended the "9· 19 children listen to day" launch into the world’s heart to listen to parent-child activities held in September 19, 2016, a theme of "· into the world’s heart; to listen to a large public parent-child activities was convened at the The Regent Beijing Hotel. At the same time, it is also the event organizers – NYC four anniversary of the establishment of the New York International Children’s club in china. The event to "listen" as the theme, the organizers of the first "9· 19 children listen to day", an initiative aimed at parents and children were effective and high quality communication, especially in the face of our society and the fast pace of life, put down once the inertia and the shackles of children through surface words, read the most easily overlooked innocence of the world the. Cross invited celebrities sharing private family story activities guests can be described as a cross party. The celebrities aside star aura, sharing communication and that of their children in the family story "child parents" role. Hosted by the famous host, producer Wang Fang served as a professional and cordial throughout the whole story about their parenting experience, as we present a thick warmth and relaxed humor of the general assembly. Big Tony family library founder Lin Dan’s daughter has always been a disciplined child, but the child when long, want to experience a "rolling on the" emotional indulgence. Lin Dan not only did not blame, but encourage children to brave expression. Panda Media Group chairman Shen Chen is a "trapeze", cause busy let him see my son wouldn’t stop nagging". Accustomed to using adult thinking to consider the child’s "lying", until the "said" into a "listen" to understand the child’s true thoughts. Star freaky Yuanke Wang as a representative of working mothers, children when devote themselves as children play their love cartoon characters, and twin sons to become friends, to establish equality and mutual love of the parent-child relationship. There are two Olympic Games champion Long Qingquan, in the experience of NYC New York International Children’s club professional course, personally talked "significant progress of small dragons" in the early learning center after class. These busy "top mom and Dad" shoulder more pressure than ordinary people. But they are suitable for their own way to give the child a good company, more good at listening to solve the problem of children. For the extensive operation of parent-child relationship, parents, there is guilt, there are more moving harvest. The professional level, the domestic famous expert Feng Guoqiang reviewed the guests to speak, to bring "parent-child listening heart nutrition" silent as the theme of the speech, the "patience, sincerity, difficulties, in response to" four words, tell the parents expressed more clever response to the child, respect the child’s needs. In addition, Chinese professional talent pool national infant education examination management center director Tang Dacheng, Yang Deyong, founder of the maternal industry observed today blood culture media founder Hong Xu and other celebrities to visit the site. Activities to create a unique atmosphere to create a touching atmosphere of the activities of the establishment of a rich level, highlight highlights, to create a warm parent-child communication environment, both professional and filled with deep affection. Playing in the form of creativity, is divided into "dark shadow" lights相关的主题文章: