Nearly 600 overseas high-level talents in Sichuan focus on innovation and Entrepreneurship 小坂めぐる

The news agency of the new network in nearly 600 overseas high-level talents in Sichuan focused innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu – 13, September (Xu Yangyi Wang Peng) 2016 China Western overseas high-tech talent fair (hereinafter referred to as "Hi") and the opening ceremony of the forum held in Chengdu on 13. Vice chairman Han Qide of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu equality leaders attended and delivered a speech. This "Haike will" to "gathering overseas talents · Wanqiao innovation in Western China" as the theme, attracted 580 overseas guests to participate, including Nobel prize winner Ding Zhaozhong, 12 overseas academicians, more than 30 overseas school principal, nearly 200 overseas Chinese professionals association. The State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping said in his speech pointed out that overseas Chinese professionals active in today’s world of high-tech fields, has a broad international perspective and global network, grasp the advanced achievements in science and technology and business model, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, more profound feelings, is an important force to achieve innovation and development of the China. Human civilization is the accumulation of innovation, there are many possibilities for innovation, not only to give people the opportunity to wait." National Academy of engineering, said Deng Wenzhong, innovation is not limited to science and technology, in all areas, innovation is very important. Deng Wenzhong believes that Chinese to become an innovation powerhouse, should start from the details, "to encourage children to ask questions, and to do everything fine, so that innovation has become a kind of mentality, habits, and promote it into the social atmosphere." For the innovation and development of the 2016 "Tianfu Friendship Award" winner Robert ·, fellow of the Australian Academy of science; Mcintosh has his own views. Robert · Mcintosh and Sichuan have been carried out for more than 16 years of cooperation in the field of agriculture, "I am delighted to see that many of Sichuan’s young scientists, has grown into our team leader." He hoped that in the future there will be more business transformation technology, so that the laboratory research can become a truly fine, and benefit more farmers. Giovanni, President of University of Milan, Italy,, was invited to deliver a speech in the ·. He believes that universities should promote entrepreneurship, can no longer be an ivory tower, should interact with the enterprise, research and design innovation. In addition, Nobel prize winner Ding Zhaozhong was invited to make a "search for the origin of the universe" as the theme of the speech. The opening ceremony, Sichuan governor Yin Li for the second session of the "Haike Cup" global overseas Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award winners. Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming to "Tianfu Friendship Award" award winner, and together with the overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping Sichuan overseas dream garden. It is reported that the General Assembly will be held during the many matchmaking activities, including China Life Science Development and cooperation forum, smart city international forum and Sichuan Taiwan precision machinery manufacturing two-way docking, "thousands of people plan expert innovation forum. (end)相关的主题文章: