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Boy, is the treasure? 51 "Tomb notes" Tomb Raider treasure open to play the game, 51! From ancient to modern times, many experts in different fields to an unknown place, because these places have a common legend: here is the treasure! However, the treasure is not what you want to be, you must first go through a biting cold, can enjoy the fruits of victory. 51 "Tomb notes" true scenes, perfect reproduction of the tomb to revisit the classic moment of shock, quickly, find the treasure! 51 "Tomb notes" official website: 51 "Tomb notes" Tomb Raider treasure open to have come, don’t pretend! Don’t tell me not to treasure you, come with me open the tomb treasure crazy mode! Tomb Raider treasure is a lottery system, ha ha, this is a hail of bullets exploration more easily, according to the different types of lottery, extraction reward is not the same. Game player to identify their lottery information through the treasure record list, there will be a certain percentage of bonus treasure after, can consume integral in integral mall exchange other goods, all the treasure props available will directly into the treasure warehouse, also can be a key to extract treasure in the warehouse items transferred to the backpack. 51 "Tomb notes" Tomb Raider treasure open draw was divided into two types: single pump, ten even smoke, can use gold or treasure props sweepstakes. Four types of lottery extraction props, gold ten years of smoking will have guaranteed reward, hurry to treasure it, try it for a long time will you accumulate popularity at this critical moment the moment the outbreak! 51 "Tomb notes" Tomb Raider treasure open money of course to get a new dress to wear, the one and only show their personality! Open the 51 "Tomb notes" personality different fashion wardrobe, more powerful attributes, let your quest Everything is going smoothly! Wearable weapons, clothes, footprints of three different types of fashion, each piece of fashion in the activation will have bonuses, fashion can be gained through the activities, when do not require a fashion, but also can decompose the redundant fashion! 51 "Tomb notes" Tomb treasure open "Tomb notes" is authorized by Nanpai Sanshu genuine, 51 strong game operation of a ARPG web game. The game plot to restore the original height, has a complete view of the world, more integrated into the three exclusive content puzzle. On the basis of respecting the original game, perfectly reproduce the novel "seven Lu Palace", "paradise", "marsh snake ghost" and other classic scenes. Ten years of reincarnation, the bronze door will open again, the mystery of the final pending, the battle of the guardian will come. With the little brother, Wu Xie quest Millennium tomb, the ultimate battle! 51 official WeChat two-dimensional code 51 game is a collection of research and development, operations, marketing, customer service and other professional team to build the best platform for domestic services. The game is a product of the traditional end of the tour, web games and mobile games, including real-time combat, role-playing, war strategy, simulation and other classic works. "The imperial", "beautiful country", "legend", "Blue Moon Legend" hegemony, "battle", "martial arts" Red Moon Legend 2, "sword rain.相关的主题文章: