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The PLA Air Force dispatched large-scale military exercises the main fighter of Hong Kong media: Deterrence Army Air Force large-scale military exercises in the liberation of Taiwan in Beijing dispatched the main fighter: deterrence Taiwan Hong Kong media Reference News Network November 18th Hong Kong media reported that cross-strait relations in a slump, the Patriot air defense missile Taichung Pinglin positions start on the occasion, the PLA Air Force, in the northwest desert on a large scale the air force joint exercises with live ammunition to destroy enemy air defense simulation system. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website reported on November 17th, the drill used include air marshals -500, f -11B, -10 and other type of main fighter. Some analysts pointed out that the mainland military exercises against the Patriot system aimed at deterring Taiwan. Reported that the exercise was held on November 10th, against the eastern theater air dozens of troops in the northwest desert air force involved in the organization of the "red" system, a variety of models of aircraft and organization, the strength of ground radar guided coordination, joint exercises joint reconnaissance, firepower and joint air defense combat mode. In the system of confrontation, multi fighter aircraft off the enemy". From the mainland media photos, a plane just landed the aircraft, the wing and the inside of the inlet below the rack with the Russian Kh-31 or domestic Eagle -91 anti radiation missile, wingtip carry self-defense electronic countermeasures pod, obviously this frame is Su -30MKK fighter. Reported that, just attended the Zhuhai airshow AWACS air marshals -500 command is responsible for air operations, at least two fighters -11B also participate in the exercise. This is referred to as the world’s highest level of actual combat simulation, one of the largest air force joint exercises, the imaginary enemy may be an island in the south of the Patriot forces and other air defense systems". Just recently came out in Taiwan, a bit in the forest of Taichung Patriot missile positions have started in August, we can see the PLA exercises for the full meaning. Reported that the Taiwan Patriot missile position, there are 3 positions in the north, South, thousands of miles and are located in central is located in Hsintien; Lin Ping; southern Kaohsiung lake for examination.相关的主题文章: