When the milk cream snow – Sohu eat and drink naughty怎么读

When the milk and milk – Cheryl Sohu Cheryl this bread name was so fresh and graceful, it can be regarded as the most representative of the classic bread industry, so it is deeply engraved in childhood memories. The creamy, ice cool stuffed entrance, always let a person forget. Do you remember the taste? Let’s finish the aftertaste! Material: high embryo bread powder 235 grams, 3 grams of milk powder, sugar 28 grams, 2 grams of salt, 124 grams of water, egg 35 grams, 3 grams, 25 grams of butter yeast surface puff stuffing material: butter 20 grams, 57 grams of water, 2 grams of salt, flour 30 grams, egg a cream sandwich material: 60 grams of butter, sugar 10 grams, 20 grams of honey, milk powder 30 grams, 60 grams of cream, bread: 1 steps: all the materials except butter all the mixed powder, sieve into the bread machine Jiaocheng group (according to the water absorbent flour adding 2, kneading) to the extended stage after adding the butter to rub out the film 3, the dough placed at room temperature of 28 degrees, 4 hours fermentation to two times the original volume, sticky fingers rub a hole in the middle of the flour dough, no shrinkage, no collapse, not sticky It has been said that 5, fermented dough will exhaust, and then rub round put static at room temperature for 15 minutes of relaxation up dough dough proofing; the average is divided into 7 equal parts or 8 parts 6, turn from the upper and lower surface anisotropy of middle fold, and then fold the mouth clenched, slightly, then put the dough in plastic 7 the oven fermentation, 40 degrees 40 minutes, the bottom of the oven, put a bowl of warm water surface 8 puff: butter and water in the boiling pot of milk in 9, quickly sifted flour, mix 10, dough cool after adding egg liquid mixed into inverted triangle shape can do 11, loaded into the puff pastry bag in two, a good squeeze has brush the bread on the surface of the egg yolk mixture (Figure), 12 in the middle of preheated oven, on the fire of 180 degrees, bake for 15 minutes, 13 cream: soften butter The icing sugar until fluffy after adding honey stir, then add 14 milk powder 15, then add the cream mix (no need to send), stir well into the mouth of the flower decorating bag 16, baked bread baked after cooling with a serrated knife cut in the middle of the bottom up, don’t cut off 17. Then from the middle into cream can be refined to appreciate相关的主题文章: