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A fund manager of the year cost 500 thousand more than a drag but securities reporter Guan Wei in August this year the newly established 209 new funds, behind the explosive growth of the new fund, is a serious shortage of fund managers. Securities reporter statistics learned that a total of 4807 funds are currently running, while the number of fund managers in place for the number of funds, the ratio of the number of funds and fund managers to reach 3.5:1. The loss of the slow training of personnel in August statistics show that a total of 209 new funds were established in the month, adding a new fund manager, arrived in August to leave the fund manager of the 18, the actual growth of only 22 in the first half of the year, the number of new fund managers, the number of new fund managers, the actual growth rate of only 4. A fund company’s human resources department to accept the securities reporter said, a mature fund managers to develop at least 3 years to reach. "Unfortunately, just a mature fruit, bright red, just hanging on the branches, will be at home, or stand up to the gravity of the earth and the sea." The source said, now a considerable part of the funds manager have to go into it alone. Reserve fund companies have been unable to keep up with the pace of rapid development, too much temptation to fund the company lost the ability to slowly cultivate talent. The source said that the fund manager can now stay, basically a person to manage 35 products. He expressed concern that talent is the core competitiveness of public fund industry, the advantages of losing talent, the public fund industry what? The strength of the company determines the number of fund managers, securities reporter noted that the number of fund managers tend to be proportional to the size of the fund company, the larger the size of the fund company, the more the number of fund managers. In the 112 fund companies have been established, the fund manager for the largest number of Harvest Fund, the number of serving public fund managers for 48; China Southern followed, were 37 people; the rich, Penghua ranked third, is 36 people. In addition, the number of fund managers have 17 fund companies less than 2 people. A fund industry insiders revealed in an interview with reporters, regardless of the size of the fund companies, fund managers regardless of their own grow, or dig back from the outside, in general, every year the cost to reach 500 thousand yuan. How much can a fund company be able to afford the cost of 500 thousand yuan per person?" Therefore, the fund company in order to save costs, most people will take a number of funds management is "one more" mode, even if the strength of the fund companies, many fund managers still under the management of the products. Overdraft health to earn high salaries and high pressure behind the huge pressure on fund managers. "The manager’s hair is inversely proportional to the time of the fund manager." Beijing a fund investment research department told the "securities" reporter quipped: "occasionally a hair thick fund manager, it can really become the fund’s value as yan." The source told reporters that the new fund is difficult, the old fund to marketing, fund managers often have to go out, often is the morning in Beijing, noon to another city, night to accompany clients to have something to eat before the last one with high iron or the plane back to Beijing, second days still appear in the.相关的主题文章: