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Why Samsung and Foxconn to become the enemy? – Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone technology Sohu after the recall, there are naughty friends made a Li Jianxi and Terry Gou dialogue, as is the famous Japanese cartoon "dunk master" in the plot, the Samsung Li Jianxi asked Terry Gou: the old man, the most difficult day of your business is what time? Terry Gou angrily replied: it may be 6 years before the event falls! Li Jianxi said, "I’m just now."… I guess, the user probably did not know Li Jianxi has been seriously ill to the Samsung business to his son to take care of. Now the Note7 battery event let Samsung bad situation is not only a test of the head of one disaster after another, perseverance and determination, it is torture Samsung development pattern of the whole industry chain: an enterprise can really put all the things to do the best, if Samsung focus on mobile phone R & D, or spare parts supply, can avoid the tragedy of Note7 battery explosion? The same cycle, Foxconn six years ago the event falls almost became the world’s largest foundry enterprises in Terry Gou, crowning calamity, the heart is strong enough, he used all the means and resources gradually restore the reputation, and now apple, millet and Vivo are changing the world. In the last 6 years, the Foxconn production mode also suffered a very big challenge, they have not been perfect, but has been improved, eventually going out, now turn to the rival samsung! It is a habit I also love that Samsung is Li Jianxi Samsung, similarly, love Terry Gou said that Foxconn is Foxconn, the two companies have a lot of similarities, they have strong and there is no lack of iron fisted leader, these people enjoy little interest in the matter, had turned to the pursuit of a realm, all day long and rigorous hard work: Samsung President Li Jianxi over seventy years old still stick to the first line, until Terry Gou was seriously ill in bed; a workaholic, energetic, good physical fitness, at a recent wedding, he should start a push, told the new daughter-in-law: don’t worry, I am back, and in second Terry Gou, elder female, this also let the experts interpreted as Terry Gou, would like to use the small children, warning the world: Foxconn have qualified successors! In addition, the two companies have a profound and important influence in the global electronics industry chain, their business of the rich, strong capital, great leader, would allow enterprises to obtain a dazzling "empire" medal. With the foundation, Samsung and Foxconn have no intersection from PC, functional machine to process intelligent machines, Moto Nokia Intel fiasco, instead of the apple, millet and Qualcomm, Samsung and Foxconn, but was not replaced, after all, any terminal products how to change, it always need to chip, battery, display, also finally they need someone to put together, finished packing. To be honest, Samsung and Foxconn’s product line has a huge gap, brand gold content, high technology content is cannot be mention in the same breath, but the two companies have done the right thing: focus on the basic business, and to remain unbeaten in the era of switching)相关的主题文章: