Tuniu announced $150 million stock buyback, also have a heart of privatization back (video) 小坂めぐる

Tuniu announced $150 million stock buyback, have privatized return of A shares of the heart? Local time on May 9, 2014, after 8 years of development, tuniu.com has finally successfully listed on the Nasdaq, IPO issue price of the final $9, closing $10.07, or 12%. Oriental IC data in the U.S. NASDAQ listed tuniu.com to privatization, the return of A shares? Beijing time on the evening of August 23rd, tuniu announced a stock repurchase program, according to the plan, the company in the next 12 months, may repurchase up to $150 million of the amount of ordinary shares or adss. Although the way cattle did not respond to share repurchase intention. But industry analysts analysis, does not exclude tuniu privatization to prepare for the move may. Relative to the U.S. stock market, A-share market valuation of Internet companies is significantly higher, which also attracted a lot of Internet Co listed in the United States moved up the return of A shares in the year of A. Tuniu announced that the company will be based on market conditions and the relevant provisions on the open market (in the market), negotiation of trading commodity trading and other means permitted by law regular stock repurchase. The board of directors will regularly review the share repurchase program and authorize the adjustment of its terms and size. The company plans to use the existing funds to implement the repurchase program. On the same day in a conference call, tuniu.com chief financial officer Yang Jiahong has $150 million stock repurchase program to respond, he said, that the repurchase program has a lot of faith in the way cattle take cost control after the company’s cash flow situation. However, on the way cattle executives did not give any response intention to repurchase plan. However, industry analysts think, the way cattle may not be privatized and the return of A shares of the heart, as early as at the end of last year, the white Haihang tuniu, tuniu became the largest shareholder, the industry will have to guess tuniu privatization. Analysis of GF Securities investment adviser Wang Yulin, the way cattle announced $150 million to repurchase intention or plan there are two possibilities: one is that the stock is undervalued, hoping to boost the stock price; another possibility is that the way cattle or privatization plan, or even do not rule out the possible return of A shares. In fact, since the recent stock market in the United States, although the concept of privatization privatization has weakened, but insist on privatization of the enterprise is still in the minority. Tuniu and belong to the online travel agency (OTA) of the U.S. stock market listed companies, eLong have been privatised in June this year; and in June 23rd, where the network also announced the receipt of the privatization offer. The well-known Internet companies Qihoo 360 in July this year also announced the completion of the privatization and delisting from the u.s.. "Obviously, the Internet Co in the domestic valuation must be higher than abroad, often in foreign domestic valuation of more than 2 times, so do not rule out the way cattle like many U.S. stocks listed in the Chinese Internet enterprise, have to return to A shares market plan." However, if you want to return to the A-share market, A is undoubtedly a prerequisite. For OTA companies, the huge loss has become a common problem. Tuniu August 23rd evening also announced that as of June 30, 2016 the second quarterly report of the audit, the second quarter net income of 2 billion 400 million yuan (!相关的主题文章: