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Jiao Junyan in "forensic Qin Ming fag hag" daily and save the aesthetic fatigue – Sohu Jiao Junyan entertainment complex ancient Jiao Junyan handsome side Yan Jiao Junyan domineering makeup Sohu entertainment news yesterday, directed by Xu Ang, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, Li Xian starring, adapted from "Eleventh fingers" Guoneishoubu forensic drama industry "forensic Qin Ming" sustained hit, in the harvest a piece of praise at the same time the amount of network play is also rising, and the success of a breakthrough in the 700 million mark recently! The three protagonists in the style, played by Jiao Junyan Lee as the only Dabao "flowers" forensic Qin Ming group of three people, who are not completely lost man, optimistic nature people, so she became a criminal drama actress of the highest degree of goodwill, has also become a "novice" idol. Go to work Junyan coke into the workplace Mack daddy compared to Liu Tao in the "Ode to joy" in the play’s success Baigujing like Andy Lee Dabao, Li Dabao is completely a rookie, he suffered the predecessors and colleagues of "discrimination", but her face to be neither humble nor pushy Qin Ming taunt, put down a what a man can do is work, women can’t do? Then yiyanbuge dig, grab advanced sewer swill find bones, dirty work is never fastidious; at the same time, she is very professional, forensic knowledge, and highly rigorous logical analysis ability; more valuable is her EQ, she met little friends, patience and gentleness, don’t let the children leave the shadow; touch the trouble on the families of the dead she gently, resolving contradictions, combined with Jiao Junyan in the circle of the rare "live understand" attitude, let the audience more and more that the "humanoid dog" is simply the workplace Mack daddy. Brother fan girl is a popular boy trend since Jiao Junyan lifted the wind "forensic Qin Ming" hit, Li Dabao stay adorable character and do not take the unusual way of painting let Jiao Junyan ring powder play countless, played by Jiao Junyan Lee Dabao is not only a love of Wu Yifan a fag hag, will never guess brain circuits the other day a fag hag, the other, when many people criticized the fag hag, 000 years clothing, also save the aesthetic fatigue play, capable short hair stylish and sexy hair to become a heat, more powerful friends in the play on grilled collocation, fresh retro, explosion tassel, lotus leaf edge, burr cowboy, not complicated procrastination, looks clean and playful, and focal Junyan weekdays simple and not single clothing products, a boy wind climax, so a lot of friends, said: "there is no million years of clothes, Jiao Junyan is not Mensao female forensic, brother fan girl is popular."相关的主题文章: