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In Huizhou, the same town, it is more beautiful than Hongcun, but not Hongcun famous Sohu [lead] tourism does not write boring Raiders, just to give you a travel inspiration. Welcome to pay attention to "Liu little Shun" public number: lxslvxing (- press copy), 80 travel writer Liu Xiaoshun will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! See this scene, you will not think I arrived in Hongcun? Hongcun’s fame is too big, so that visitors see as long as the small tiles, horse head wall Huizhou architecture, will naturally think of Hongcun. However, what I want to say today is not Hongcun, but this is a bit strange to everyone. Kan, known as China’s first village Feng Shui, in accordance with the concept of gossip built, alias Longxi, Bagua village, is China 5A scenic spots. Located in the south of Mount Huangshan, bordering Shexian. Hunan TV "Idol" program group was here shooting, including Brigitte Lin, Karen Mok, Sheenah and other stars have all come here. Tour Chengkan, life without sill, this small village to you best wishes. Let’s see where it is Do you think it’s a scenic spot? In fact, this is just a tourist reception center, too many antique house this small village, is capricious ah! The typical Huizhou architecture, collocation behind the blue sky, so good to hear or see. The weather is cold, the original green everywhere leaves have withered, but there is also another kind of beauty. Kan village may be in the minds of tourists in Hongcun is not so high reputation, but in the hearts of the locals, was actually better than the Hongcun ridge. This place was once CCTV Spring Festival Gala has to take the scene. Autumn is a typical phenomenon of agriculture in Huizhou, which has strong regional characteristics. Living in the mountains of the villagers, due to the complex terrain, flat little village, had to use their houses and their own window, roof rack or sun hung on the crops, in the course of time became a traditional agricultural folk phenomenon. Lotus leaf in the pond. It is not the village! We have the camera click click not stop. We look at the village of stone like what? There is nothing like a dragon as "happiness"? Ubiquitous gossip. The village to cross this bridge, it can avoid the ridge in real life Oh, remember to man the first step the right foot, the first step right oh! Without dreams, such as Huizhou, this is really a dreamy place. Simple and full of anger. Of course, like Hongcun, there are many students come to sketch. Into the village, the tour guide told us, Chengkan Village Street Lane 99, people in general will get lost. The local people have a saying, called "ten nine lost at Chengkan rich." A small slate road marked by history. Behind every house has profound story, short space can not be exhaustive. Taishan shigandang, is the cornerstone to recite. Guess what this is? This is humility stone Oh, because the road is too narrow, when the two sides to person, someone will stand to the prominent stone, comity across the back of the people..相关的主题文章: