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9 months pregnant pregnant women jumping Dutch act, otherwise the child will be born in second days! – Sohu maternal according to news reports, Nanchong, a pregnant 9 months pregnant a month before jumping in second days Dutch act, will be a mother, the first day has jumped to his death, in the end is what killed 2 fresh life? The society has pregnant women Dutch act message, let us ponder, what causes the original hope of their choice with the children in the stomach with death? Family and society can not treat is in a special period of them? In the end what is the reason, just let them go on the Dutch act according to reports, the way?! cause pregnant Dutch act that pregnant women may be suffering from depression during pregnancy, because depression eventually jumped to his death, a corpse two life! The media published photos, warning tape Has not withdrawn, it seemed that the US remains until a irreparable damage, the serious thinking about why mothers would choose such a path to the end, will usher in a new life baby! According to insiders revealed that after the incident the woman’s husband has been flying back to the night, the woman’s funeral arrangements, what is the reason for the mother jumped? 1, according to reports, the husband is never at home, with her husband and the lack of maternal care, may have resulted in depression during pregnancy, labor before the emotional wave appeared Dutch act. From this point of view, the husband did not fulfill its due responsibility, no arrangements for the family to take good care of his wife during pregnancy is an important reason for the occurrence of this thing. 2, depressed pregnant women may be more terrible fact, worried about the child’s growth, worry about family relations, worry about everything, maybe not ready to be a mother. This also revealed that the woman itself also has certain responsibilities, since born as a human, you should have a love heart of life, even if the social and family life will encounter various difficulties, but also should face actively, so pregnant women should own personality training do own efforts, never give up. After suffering from depression, how to do? During pregnancy had depression, also known as depression during pregnancy. For most women, during pregnancy is one of the happiest periods of life, but in fact, nearly 10% of women in pregnancy will feel a different degree of depression. In fact, if you do not get enough attention and timely, also has a considerable risk of depression during pregnancy, it will make pregnant women take care of themselves and the fetus is affected, and to the maternal and infant adverse consequences. So, how to avoid the damage caused by pregnancy depression to the family? 1 try to relax and participate in social activities as much as possible to do something that will make you feel happy. Take care of yourself, is the first prerequisite for a healthy and lovely baby. Can participate in a number of pregnant women’s communication activities, enrich the life of pregnancy. 2 and the spouse exchange every day to ensure there is enough time with your partner, and maintain close communication. 3 express your feelings to your loved ones and friends about your future.相关的主题文章: