Yellow box + yellow numbers 1 and 2 what meaning Xi’an traffic police professional interpretation (v 若槻ゆうか

The yellow box + new label number 1 and 2 yellow what Xi’an police professional interpretation on the road two days ago, the public Ms. Wu drove Xi’an Taibai Road and cross road of science and technology, saw a group of such ground marking in the fast lane: the yellow box + yellow numbers 1 and 2, she was the first time in the streets of Xi’an see, then photographed on micro-blog, did not expect to immediately aroused hot friends, we have to guess, what do you mean? Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Xi’an traffic police department, a professional interpretation of the logo. What does it look like? The yellow box + yellow number 1 and 2 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the Taibai Road and cross road of science and technology, seeing the cross the central north-south direction, originally designated the left turn waiting zone marking disappeared. Instead, the figures by the yellow box, composed of turning arrows and dotted line, line of traffic signs. In the north-south direction of the intersection of ten meters from the inside of the road, the same combination of new traffic signs. Reporters on the scene saw, at this time the direction of the north and south for the red light, a north south is preparing to turn left Buick sedan, as before, still parked at the crossroads of the region to be transferred. See the traffic police on duty immediately approached, signalling the driver here no parking, led him to pull over, explaining to him the meaning of the new combination marking. Reporters interviewed a number of drivers passing here, almost all people do not know the meaning of this logo. Brother Zhao Master said: "as a professional driver, I had a driver’s license is seriously go to school to learn two years before when the driver. But even so, I still can’t figure out what it means. I guess it might be a reminder to change lanes." What do you mean? Reverse zipper combination marking left turn fine although drivers are a bit confused, most people do not know, but it is especially convenient. Site traffic police on duty told reporters: "in fact, the ground is a new application of digital frame combination marking plan, like a reverse zipper, turn left at the north and south direction of the vehicle, only to stop at the intersection north and south, and the implementation of single row parking, the left turn signal lights show green traffic, front row vehicle according to delimit on the road of digital, followed by multi row driving, in order to alleviate the original left turn vehicles and straight vehicles conflict, leading to congestion. So in the intersection is not too big intersection, you can reduce the left turn to be transferred to the vehicle parking, the impact of the other two directions straight vehicles cross the low efficiency of the situation." Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Xi’an high tech traffic police brigade, the new line began in Xi’an, after a period of research, the effect will be implemented in the wide range of words. Reporter Li Jia (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Shenzhen traffic police thorough investigation of indiscriminate beam will see their lights for one minute相关的主题文章: