Guangzhou transportation car driving field and send warning class 45 days fast ticket violations headache怎么读�

Transportation car warning: ear hair driving field and class 45 days fast ticket violation Commission issued a consumer warning car "Internet plus car" three traps the most deceptive Dayang "double 11" in the past, buy something more than the fire is to buy services, but Shijiaowei November 14th disclosed that recently received many consumer complaints about online driving. The Municipal Department of transportation announced the three most dangerous "Internet plus car" case, and to remind the public to understand learner information through authoritative channel, not petty Zaijin driving school black hole. The "three platform" independent recruitment money an Internet platform claiming to cooperate with many school, actually only the commercial registration has not obtained the "business license of road transport (motor vehicle driver training)", no signed driver training association established the "motor vehicle driver training contract model text", bypassing the regulatory directly signed training agreement with the problem of consumer, resulting in goods not board, consumer rights are not effectively protected. City Transportation Department reminded, according to the People’s Republic of China road transport regulations, engaged in motor vehicle driver training should be issued by the Ministry of Communications issued the "road transport business license". The consumer registration, the first to see whether they have the service subject and hanging publicity "road transport business license on the premises (vehicle driving training)", also confirmed that the motor vehicle driver training model of the contract whether the signing of driver training association unified ". The signing of the agreement, should focus on the main services of the signing of the agreement, it is the main driving local legal confirmation, in order to avoid economic losses. "45 days fast research" is only a gimmick not credulous "quick examination card, registration 45 days can be licensed to drive!" Some online driving release so tempting "fast driving test", but the city traffic department to remind, at present Guangzhou city average research period is about 10 months, consumers do not believe on the market some Internet platform on "quick card" and other false propaganda, in order to avoid being taken. The transportation department says such advertising because of alleged violations, according to the "Guangdong Provincial Department of transportation < management regulations on motor vehicle driver training > the implementation details" (Guangdong shipped 2009 No. 1438) article sixteenth paragraph second, "Guangzhou City motor vehicle driver training management measures" (over 2013 419 spike No. third paragraph sixteenth) are clearly defined, the driver training institutions are not allowed to promise students driving test time and test results. "Local enrollment examinations overseas" illegal operation of an Internet platform to gain access to and from the local recruitment, training and examination in the field; and in the local recruitment (training), in the field of examination of "foreign class" service. According to the "Regulations on the management of motor vehicle driver training" (order of the Ministry of transport in 2016 fifty-first) the provisions of article twenty-eighth, motor vehicle driver training institutions should be registered in the training business, shall not take off-site training, lower prices, malicious cheating students and other improper means to carry out business activities. City Transportation Department, said Guangzhou 2相关的主题文章: