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Good soft and smooth! What do you feel when you first meet your sister’s body? The animation can be seen in the first time the boys always touch the girl sweet and soft body with a shy look, some gentleman is calm on the surface, the heart full of excitement. So men in the first touch sister will have what feeling? Recently, the Japanese media on the gentlemen were investigated. "Very soft" world that is so soft." (27 year old school · the rest of the education) "it’s so soft." (26 year old construction salesman) blush – butterflies can not stop." (36 pounds and other public interest groups) "is very soft, such as unknown experience feel happy." (39 other designers) – unlike in men and male "feeling is not the same, never had such a feeling." (22 year old company salesman) "with different men, feels very soft." (24 year old medical industry) – "very warm very warm, I feel soft and warm temperature than a deeper impression on me." (39 year old designer) "feels a higher body temperature than men." (27 years old · food; drink salesman) – very nervous "very nervous, this is the female body." (39 other) "although the same for people, but I will be very nervous, the woman body like men have a lot of hair." (22 year old member of the construction industry and Technology) – "very smooth and very smooth feel very comfortable! I can beat my heart." (38 years old) "smooth and smooth, very comfortable." (38 year old transport storage) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章: