Cold air blowing into Xiamen, Clarion today, the lowest temperature is only 21 degreescad2012序列号和密钥

Cold air blowing into Xiamen "Clarion" today, the lowest temperature is only 21 degrees morning news (reporter Ceng Haoran correspondent Qi Xiang) yesterday morning, most areas of Xiamen air quality is good, Huli middle school site and Gulangyu Islet site testing data show slight pollution. The city meteorological station yesterday morning at 5:20 in the morning when the yellow fog warning issued, Xiamen was shrouded in clouds, but when the sun came out, the fog dissipated rapidly, 9:50 Observatory lifted warning. In addition, Xiamen was still very hot yesterday, the highest temperature is still about 31 degrees celsius. Starting today, the cold air will blow "attack horn", bringing a wave of significant cooling in Xiamen. Today, the highest temperature in Xiamen will drop to 28 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is only 21 degrees, and the highest temperature will fall to about 25 degrees tomorrow. In addition, the cloud will surge, coastal wind will increase, it may be a shower. Beginning in November 1st, a new wave of cold air will be added to the south, Xiamen night low temperature may fall below 20 degrees mark, the wind will also increase. Under the influence of the two wave cooling, Xiamen may enter the autumn. Remind you, autumn cold often occur, especially the elderly and children must pay attention to prevention of cold air caused respiratory diseases, night morning remember to add clothes, exercise, enhance resistance is also very important. (Morning News) >

冷空气吹响入厦“号角” 今日最低温只有21℃晨报讯(记者 曾昊然 通讯员 其翔)昨天上午,厦门大部分地区空气质量为良,湖里中学站点和鼓浪屿站点检测数据显示为轻度污染。市气象台昨晨5时20分发布大雾黄色预警,清晨时厦门被笼罩在云雾之中,不过太阳出来后,雾气迅速消散,9时50分时气象台解除预警。此外,昨天厦门依然很热,最高温仍有31℃左右。今天起,冷空气将吹响“进攻号角”,给厦门带来一波明显降温。今天厦门最高气温将下降到28℃,最低温只有21℃,明天最高温将进一步下降到25℃左右。此外,云系将猛增,沿海地带风力将加大,可能有阵雨。从11月1日开始,新一波冷空气将补充南下,厦门夜间低温可能跌破20℃大关,风力也会加大。在这两波降温影响下,厦门有可能就此进入秋天。提醒大家,秋季感冒多发,尤其是老人和儿童一定要注意预防冷空气引发的呼吸道疾病,夜晨记得加衣,锻炼身体,增强抵抗力也很重要。(晨报)>相关的主题文章: