Courting envy! Fans buy hundreds of Macang peach single CD show

Courting envy! Fans buy new seiyuu Ma Cang hundreds of Macang peach single CD show love debuted in 2012 peach in November 2nd released debut single "with you" tomorrow, this is her solo debut song. All our work not many peach or new, but with her pure and lovely voice of Yan and accumulated in TrySail, or capture a lot of fans. Yesterday was the first day of her first single release, and a crazy fan was on Twitter to buy hundreds of single CD. Previously, Asakura Momo, as a member of the TrySail, had achieved good sales results with the combination. The first single of her solo song is the animated film "likes on your that moment. The interlude of the second parts of the committee to the confession is carried out. As a result, singles are also divided into two – dimensional cover plates and three – dimensional cover plates, and the three – dimensional cover plates are divided into two primary and ordinary plates. The two three kinds of cover covers are Machu peach. They are holding the peaches on the cover, and the peach on the top is very cute. A large number of fans buying a large number of CD fans of macang peach, the two disks, the first back plate, and the usual disk have been purchased, and he even used these CD to spell out the heart pattern. Another piece of all CD stacked together in the picture, more people are terrified, many can almost piled to the ceiling. For the love of the fans, on the house have commented: "this love hate day." "Visual has around 160, so why buy a map?" "It is in order to participate in the shooting of the lottery ticket." The dolphin "sound mind, don’t cheat their money cheat who." Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works