Fall and winter easily lose your hair Doctor the more you wash your hair every day, the more you dro-rewrite攻略�

Autumn and winter easy hair loss? Doctor: wash your hair every day will fall more more "doctor, I have hair very much, what happened?" The weather is cold, many of my friends feel the hair up, in each big hospital outpatient consultation, hair problems also clear up more. Why cold easy hair? Hair fall more more will all drop light? Wash your hair every day, hair is not easy to fall? Reporters came to consult a doctor working in the Department of Dermatology, washing the hair knowledge about. "The weather is cold, outpatient counseling to hair problems patients increased significantly." Yinzhou Hospital Department of Dermatology director Lin Liping said that the autumn season really easy hair, this is because the winter skin is dry, reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, vascular contraction, hair follicle nutrition reduce, cause hair dry and fall off easily. As the animal hair removal, per person per day will lose hair, as long as 100 or less is a normal phenomenon. Wash your hair every day is certainly not conducive to the health of the scalp. "Excessive cleaning will affect the oil secretion of the scalp, each wash hair has mechanical stretch, and shampoo chemical stimuli, is not conducive to hair growth." Said Lin Liping, head of the skin itself has a physiological regulation function, skin thick sebaceous glands have a pressure to stop the secretion of sebaceous glands. If too much oily scalp more crumbs when the number of shampoo to relieve pressure can form a rebound, more sebum secretion. So excessive and frequently go every day to wash oil, but will make it more oil secretion. Lin Liping suggested that a week shampoo 2-3 times enough, too much washing also prompted many of the telogen hair abscission. "Winter hair greasy can not wash every day." Ye Jingjing said, generally in the summer time every day to wash a head on it, if it is in winter, about two times a week is enough to wash. Wash your hair the way is also related to the health of the scalp. Lin Liping suggested that the water is not washing the hair on the scalp is too high or too low, do not feel hot or cold, wash your hair with the pulp gently massage the scalp. Many people habitually use shampoo directly after use conditioner, Ye Jingjing suggested, but must use conditioner before the dry hair as much as possible. In addition, not all scalp smear conditioner, so easy to cause oily scalp. In the salon, after washing hair, hair stylist always love with a comb down with a hair dryer blowing hair close, in fact, also hurt the hair. Hair growth, metabolism and nutrition have a great relationship. Lin Liping said, eat some vegetable protein, such as beans, kelp, appropriate to add some vitamins, the prevention of hair loss have a good effect.