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College graduates are pulled into the MLM cousin to escape – falls dead Beijing Xiaopeng (a pseudonym) to find a good job, to take refuge in my cousin, cousin and friend unexpectedly engaged in pyramid selling illegal restriction of his freedom, trying its occupation. After Xiaopeng fled when falls dead. Recently, Yu Yan and other 4 people were arrested on suspicion of illegal detention by the Shushan District, Anhui city procuratorate prosecution. Li graduated from the University of just over a year, hoping to find a good job. On the occasion of confusion, Yu Yan, a cousin working in Hefei, extended an olive branch to him". In November 6, 2015, he came to Hefei. Yu Yan and Zhang Gang, Fu Lingling engaged in marketing field, Fengzhi rented a house. Xiaopeng settle down in cousin home, Yu Yan took him around, "class" such as the development of "brainwashing" he joined yourself "project 1040". Xiaopeng realized in MLM snare, asked to leave. But Yu Yan did not give up, always to Xiaopeng on their own experience, others with the lobby. In November 8th, Li insisted on walking. Yu Yan pulled him, let go crying, other people stand in the doorway, advised Xiao to stay on for two days. Pull between, see Xiaopeng miss the train, had to agree to stay ready to slip away. 4 people continue to "class" and "brainwashing xiaopeng". Xiaopeng with pretend. Change in the attitude of the 4 Xiaopeng, is not assured. In order to prevent Xiaopeng escape, 11 o’clock that night, Yu Yan in Zhang Gang under the assistance of the door locked, and hid the key. At 1 pm, Zhang Gang came to the room watching Li xiaopeng. At 5 pm, Zhang Gang woke up and found the bed empty xiaopeng. He hurried downstairs to find other people wake up, Xiaopeng found on the first floor fell treelawn not breath. Originally, later that night, while Zhang Xiaopeng just asleep, slipping away, but because the door was locked, he chose to climb down from the balcony, the unfortunate fall dead. Prosecutors believe that Yu Yan et al for the development of Xiaopeng join MLM organizations, and with a strong pull, blocking the door, locked the door to discourage other ways to take the restriction of personal liberty, to climb down the stairs from the balcony Xiaopeng escape falls dead, should be held criminally responsible for the crime of illegal detention. (the Yellow River)相关的主题文章: