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Before Honglei Sun Jin Dong Li Yifeng after the first pick Spy Drama "sparrow" – Li Yifeng   entertainment Sohu; performance concern Sohu entertainment news September 5th, the concern of the Spy Drama "sparrow" [opera] launch that attracted onlookers, broadcast from the first night of the situation, although Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Ruoyun also did not debut but Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi and Li Xiaoran opponents play full of tension, with considerable suspense story, "sparrow" debuted on the night will get a lot of praise from the audience, micro-blog netizens praised the play "Yan values and acting online", and the audience look forward to the drama "par" "the pretender"". The Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss the full story of the original lattice but unobtrusive TV drama "sparrow" and according to the head of the original novel. The play tells the story of Chen Shen (Li Yifeng ornaments) lurking in the headquarters of the director of the Department of Wang puppet secret agents (such as the decoration of the side), the success of stealing Wang puppet government zero return to the story of the plan (), the director of the Ministry of Commerce and industry (). The night before the premiere of the story, Chen deep in the first episode and just contact the organization, Bi Zhongliang was immediately suspected trouble. The audience said, this is "suspense design arrests", "the story is not procrastination, see the two set feeling no urine point ah. My heart has been deeply worried about chen". An opening so exciting, little heart can not stand." "The plot to carry out fast, suspense set more forward, for the attention of counsel and the plot of the high-energy Spy Drama is the rhythm quite neat, not sloppy." However, there are also netizens worry about the beginning of television overexert, "even in a suspense all broadcast out, then how to shoot to seize the audience? The burden off too much, worry the following plot suspense is not enough". Due to the "sparrow" original novel few words, put it into a TV series, the original powder are very curious. From the two episode, Li Xiaoran played a "prime minister" in the original just with Chen Shen joint sacrifice in the dance hall, but her shot after being arrested and sent to the hospital, whether in hospital or in prison, Chen deep are trying to rescue the "prime minister", but also brought more doubt Bi zhongliang. For this adaptation, the original powder could accept, "the full story but does not seem awkward, increasing a lot of difficulty to Chen Shen’s latent Road, hope they pay close attention to the wits". "The overall style is to restore the original height, adapted into a strong degree of interlocking is burning brain." In addition, "sparrow" is currently showing the clothing and music let most of the audience feel very good, but there are also friends Tucao slow shot too much "and" people speak a few words to memory, shot, close-up too much clutter". Zhang Luyi Li Xiaoran "wind play with a sense of" "the sparrow", Zhang Luyi and Li Xiaoran let the audience praised the wind play with feeling". The second episode, "prime minister" Li Xiaoran, Luyi Zhang interrogation without torture, torture, but to pour a glass of wine, but the "enemy gentleman, especially such a beautiful woman to you". But at the same time, his men to Li Xiaoran is a felony by torture photos to the silent performance character, enough.相关的主题文章: