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Press and Publication Administration of radio issued a notice   network broadcast industry is facing reshuffle – public opinion Channel – People’s original title: press and Publication Administration of radio, the introduction of new regulations webcast? Platform to network policy to be tightened. In 2016, "live" these two words were completely redefined. As long as there is a mobile phone, you will be able to interact with the global audience online video platform. However, in the broadcast platform and network red began to spread at the same time, there are also a lot of Xingshan unhealthy network broadcast live content, highlighting the lack of supervision mechanism. In September 9th, the news publishing SARFT issued a notice, notice on strengthening network audio-visual programs broadcast issues related to service management issued "(hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), reaffirming the relevant regulations, strengthen supervision of live. The most popular measures are: broadcast platform must be certified, the industry may reshuffle. What provisions of the broadcast platform to permit no chaos called "television" and "radio" "notice" to the two most important aspects, one is through the Internet to major political, military, economic, social, cultural and sports activities, the event live audio broadcast, should hold the press and Publication Administration Department issued the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and permits the project for the first class Internet audio-visual program service fifth; two is through the Internet to the general community cultural activities, sports events and other activities of the organization as a live audio webcast, should hold the "permit", and permits the project into second categories of Internet audio-visual program service seventh. Do not meet the above conditions of organizations and individuals shall carry out the above activities through the Internet, event video and audio broadcast service, nor the use of network broadcast platform (Live) to organize all kinds of audio-visual programs, arts, sports, news interviews, reviews, may operate audio-visual programs broadcast channel. Without approval, no organization or individual may use the "TV station", "radio station", "radio", "TV" and other radio and television proprietary names on the Internet to carry out the business. The "notice" of broadcast content, related activities involving barrage release, live hosts and guests, live object made a specific request, broadcast should adhere to the healthy style grade, shall not contain provisions of state laws and regulations prohibit the content, and consciously resist the vulgar content, excessive entertainment, advocate money worship and advocating luxury etc.. At the same time, the provincial press and Publication Administration of radio and television shall be required to strengthen the management of the network audio-visual programs in the area. What impact the industry to re shuffle network broadcast hot red platform stuck in suspended state according to incomplete statistics, the 2016 popular live behind the Red Net industrial output may close to 58 billion, which is far less than last year China film annual box office is still high. Faced with such a large output value, but also to many entrepreneurs and hot money flows to the video industry. At present, the country’s large and small direct broadcast software more than and 100, before this, most live platform just get the Ministry of Culture issued the "network culture business license", and now need to get is the total of radio and television相关的主题文章: