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The farmers dilemma: seemingly unwilling to is because of economic problems to reporters recently visited Shandong, Anhui, Jilin, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other 10 provinces and more than hundreds of farmers, the farmers attitude can be roughly divided into "three" 1/3 "," 1/3 support, 1/3 neutral, 1/3 against (including some farmers still can be converted into support or neutral). Behind this, because employment is not stable, worry about the loss of property rights, a number of difficult children to school in a series of problems, some farmers in the city, "upstairs" is full of worries, seemingly unwilling, but in reality is not". In this regard, experts and scholars believe that grassroots cadres, should set up suitable for farming, Yicheng city concept in promote the process of urbanization, take appropriate measures to reassure the migrant peasants while fully respecting farmers’ initiative menace from the rear, the right of residence, can not allow the transfer of agricultural population to be settled was upstairs". The attitude of farmers into the city of farmers have said that as long as the economic income to go, community facilities, the removal of the interests of the process is not damaged, which farmers do not want to go upstairs? The 38 year old Wang Jinhua who lived in Shanxi city of Xiaoyi Province town of Wang Tun Cun town, was the first national environmental regional restrictions "yellow card" and the famous town land, the total area of 35.8 square kilometers with the existence of more than 2 thousand coking plant. Local villagers ridicule, where more than the chimney, the tree has changed the crow bird". In order to improve the living environment of the villagers, the town took the lead in Xiaoyi City, the relocation of migrants in the outskirts of the construction of new immigrants. In the winter of 2012, Wang Jinhua in the Indus New District to 1000 yuan / square meter price to buy a set of more than and 90 square meters of buildings, but also through the replacement of the old rural houses a set of more than and 100 square meters of buildings. "We had a family of four and my parents live in a five hole cave, the village does not have a clean place, is a coke smell in the air, choking. You look at this condition at home, feeling like a dream." Reporters saw, although the decoration of the new house is simple, but home appliances facilities, the surrounding environment is also very beautiful. Linyi City, Shandong province Linyi Town, Dezhou, Hong Kong, Macun is the first village to move up the village of the entire village of. Press here to see the ten six storey building well-proportioned, kindergarten, primary school, not only the surrounding nursing homes, community service centers, farming area and other living facilities Goods are available in all varieties., is also supporting the construction of the largest mosque in Linyi county. "Before our village every family is" East house kitchen, Westhouse sheep, North live ‘, now live on clean spacious buildings. I opened a grocery store in the new community, a month can earn thousands of dollars." Macun villagers Li Jianshe told reporters. Reporters recently visited Shandong, Anhui, Jilin, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and more than 10 provinces, hundreds of farmers found that the majority of farmers for the upstairs welcome. They said that farmers for generations have lived in "facing the Loess back into the air" of life, dreaming to "jump into the gate". Many grassroots cadres are talking to reporters, farmers began to 6相关的主题文章: