What happened Chen Hyuk when Dad Li Chen actually change grandma-matlab 等高线�

What happened? Chen when father Li Chen had become a "grandma" Li Chen, Chen He, Fan Bingbing, according to Taiwan media reports, the mainland actor Chen won yesterday evening to share news of her daughter, the circle of many friends have to offer blessings. Li Chen and his friend is in the evening at "how do I become a grandmother!" The reasons behind the large number of users. Li Chen and Chen Hector in the run brothers, often mother and child, said each task is in danger, he is like a mother to protect the man, 2 people in the program’s interaction is also accumulated loyal fans concern. When he saw the "son" when the father, also issued "congratulate little cute, when I can see her immediately," fans were shouting "grandma", "when you upgrade grandma", he did from loss of "how can I become a grandmother!" Good friends laugh Chen Li Chen he mother nature upgraded when the grandmother, also suggested that "to tell Bing Bing one, that you’d become a dad." Fans deliberately choked "do their own", an instant influx of tens of thousands of messages, just like in the forced atmosphere". Are Li Chen and Fan Bingbing before the explosion secret marriage, the news is yet to be confirmed himself, God continued to receive attention from all walks of life.相关的主题文章: