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The car bug into a joke "evidence" is the new tenant default network extortion more than 330 thousand – in the newspaper news (reporter Dong Shijie) on the grounds of "default" car rental car company opened in the capital of Yang et al, the implementation of assault, illegal detention and other violations of the tenant. Yuhua police involved in the investigation found that Yang et al. To seize the tenant default evidence, deliberately installed eavesdropping device installed in the vehicle, and has more than a tenant extortion, the cumulative amount of 335 thousand yuan. The day before, Yuhua Public Security Bureau police station will build the suspect Yang, sang a captured. To do business in the capital of the pony, always wanted to have a limousine, but their economic situation is not allowed, so think of the pony car, in May 12th this year, he let his friend Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chai as a guarantor, from Yang opened the car rental company rented a BMW 520, ten thousand rent, deposit twenty thousand a lease for a month. After signing the lease contract, the pony drove on the road. He is very happy, just with friends said: "such a good car, to sell how much money?" Can this pony words not long, car rental companies to call him, the car driving license without the pony to find it again in the car, did not find, had to drive back to the car rental company for yang. However, to reach the car rental company in the pony, just get off by several people hit a car rental company. Follow him to come to Zhang also beaten, another friend who fled xianshibumiao hurriedly. Then, Yang et al illegally detained for up to 5 hours on a pony and Zhang, and signed a rental contract forced pony books, and the reason is Yang in the wiretaps heard "pony car" a joke. Who fled to Yuhua Branch police station construction. The pony was forced to sign after the breach after Yang et al with a pony drove to the police station to report, cheat rent pony. After the police interrogation, at 11 o’clock in the evening, the suspect Yang, sang captured. According to the construction police station police officers Li Baizong introduced, after analyzing the preliminary determination, Yang and others suspected of illegal detention. Then the police investigators to start questioning the suspect. But in the course of the trial, the suspect has been to limit their own personal freedom of illegal detention denied the fact. Police handling the case through the collection of evidence, mastered the 7 up to more than and 40 hours of surveillance video. Lee police officer said, through the objective presentation of surveillance video, the police concluded that the crime of illegal detention of criminal suspects established. However, the police found in further investigation, the suspect of crime, not only together, so far, the police have verified the suspect Yang et al with car under the guise of implementing extortion 5, involving up to 335 thousand yuan net. There are still more involved in the case is further verification. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Police remind the general public, car rental companies secretly installed eavesdropping equipment suspected illegal, if the car rental car rental company encountered illegal eavesdropping equipment installation, must be promptly reported to the police, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests and their own safety).相关的主题文章: