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" " silver serial murder; film series shield television art – Sohu to global entertainment shield television will join the director Lu Chuan’s film will be "silver case" for the film adaptation of the silver serial murder case cracked Sohu entertainment news is a national "silver serial murder" by the case, triggered national attention, the media continued the depth of the case report. Recently, the Ministry of Public Security announced the signing of shield television and Beijing world art pictures produced the film, common development. The global art pictures behind the shareholder is director Lu Chuan. Silver serial murder case is a serial murder case in Gansu, Baiyin, from 1988 to criminals in the 14 years, the entrance of the brutal rape and murder of the 9 women. In August 26, 2016, according to the first case has 28 years of Gansu Baiyin serial murder finally successfully solved. This is detective since the Ministry of public security criminal investigation bureau to carry out difficult backlog crucial action with great influence in the country case. After the case solved, caused the attention of the people, many film companies also announced its intention to adapt this theme. For a time, which film and television institutions can eventually win this project has become the focus of the industry. South Korea’s classic crime film "murder memories" has also been taken out to compare. In China, such projects based on the real case of the film must be approved by the film and the Ministry of public security double recognition. The Ministry of public security shield television announced as a joint Chupin and Lu Chuan’s film company a will be adapted for the case of movie theaters, and finally let the answer come out. The real case as the material of film and television works is not uncommon, Ding Sheng’s director of "save my husband" and Lu Chuan’s work, "Hoh Xil" and so on are based on the real case adaptation. This is the Ministry of public security shield television disclosure will join the director Lu Chuan’s film will be "silver case" film adaptation of the news, as the case will be cut from what point of view, the core creative and starring who is the key of information are not released. Ms. Yang, Lu Chuan studio staff to verify the authenticity of the message, but the other items of the project to answer the question that has just entered the R & D stage, there is no information can be shared. It is clear that the project has a long history.相关的主题文章: