South Korea’s secret plan to set up special combat forces directed at North Korea-乃々果花

South Korea: the secret plan will set up special operations forces against North Korean leader according to Yonhap reported that South Korean military is planning to set up special operations forces, such as found in the use of nuclear weapons North Korea, the South Korean military will implement the plan to eradicate Korean summit. This is the South Korean Defense Minister Han min asked to attend the 21 Congress on the issue of government diplomacy, unity and security work conference, the first time in a public recognition of the special plan of the South Korean military. Data figure: Korean special forces soldiers will reach the size of a brigade Korea seeking said this is a large-scale battle plan to punish a part of the content, the project is aimed at the enemy heads of agencies and important areas, with the precise attack capability of missile retaliation. Han Minqiu said that the forces are the formation and expansion, the scale will reach a brigade. In view of the North Korean nuclear test Korean military will be deployed "three axis system" Korea seeking also introduced in Fifth North Korean nuclear test and missile threat to the South Korean military will deploy "South Korea three axis system". The first axis is found in the North Korean missile attack signs, combat mobile launchers and fixed facilities for the kill chain system; second axis is South Korea’s missile defense system to intercept missiles; third axis is for North Korea to punish the authority of large-scale operational concepts mentioned above. Han Minqiu said that in 2020 to complete the construction of the Korean missile defense system and kill chain system. "Kill chain system concept map of South Korean public opinion: open secret plan analysis upset the South Korean public opinion, South Korean Defense Minister disclosed secret plan in the Fifth North Korean nuclear test under the background of the South Korean military plan can’t find effective countermeasures before, there are some media questioned, as defense minister of a country publicly disclosed secret national action plan is appropriate. Data figure: South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu demonstration of force beauty B-1B fly again the Korean Peninsula, in addition, the USFK command No. 21 also issued a statement, confirmed the U.S. B-1B bomber flew to South Korea, saying it is the first stage of South Korea and the United States military measures taken to strengthen the alliance. This is the first time in 8 days after the U.S. bombers again on the North Korean military demonstrations. North Korea’s foreign ministry: will continue to take strong countermeasures in the face of the US-ROK deterrence, North Korea is not a sign of weakness. According to KCNA reported that the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized 20 follow the United States and its forces against North Korea to strengthen its nuclear deterrent for self-defense improper criticism, said North Korea will continuously take strong measures to deal with the threat of the United States counter. According to reports, the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the United States believes that the economic and military threat to uniform compression of North Korea, so speculation "human rights problem", trying to subvert the North Korean regime. The United States and its forces to follow the more sanctions against North Korea and suppress, the more the North Korean army will stimulate the Revenge of the will. Expert analysis: the two Koreas confrontation between North Korea and South Korea in the face of the recent escalation in military and public opinion on the escalating confrontation, the situation on the peninsula will develop to what direction, regional security and camp相关的主题文章: