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Women spend millions to buy "Xiongzhai" seller was sentenced to refund and compensation for the original title: women spend millions to buy "Xiongzhai" seller was sentenced to refund and compensation for Ms. Peng spent about 1000000 in the high tech Zone bought a set of three houses. Who knows, she heard the house in the decoration is "Xiongzhai", had a death. She later confirmed by the District Industry Committee: the evening of February 3, 2013, the seller’s daughter Chan fell from the bedroom house, after the hospital confirmed death. So, she found the house of Ms. Chen asked to return a house, but the two sides negotiated fruitless. Ms. Peng was a lawyer to Ms. Chen to court, asked to check out and pay compensation for the losses…… Buy "Xiongzhai"? That happened falls incident she sued seller Ms. Peng said, in November 2014, she signed a purchase contract with Ms. Chen, spend 1 million 193 thousand yuan to buy a high-tech zone of a set of 124 square meters of the three bedroom house. Later, Ms. Peng learned from neighbors in the decoration, the suite had a minor falls incident. After that, she confirmed by the District Industry Committee: the evening of February 3, 2013, Ms. Chen’s daughter fell from the bedroom house, after 120 on-site rescue, confirmed death in the hospital. Ms. Peng felt that the house had been abnormal death, a major flaw in the commodity, the price has been devalued, and Ms. Chen is still selling at the market price, obviously unfair. Moreover, he and his 4 year old daughter living in the house, has produced a great psychological shadow, Ms. Chen conceal the situation in the house, constitute fraud. Ms. Chen believes that the scene of the accident in the area, the place of death in the hospital, her house is not the death scene, not "xiongzhai". Subsequently, Ms. Peng found Ms. Chen asked to check out. But the two sides fail. Ms. Peng will be entrusted to the prosecution of Ms. Chen to the court, the revocation of the sale of housing contracts, refund the purchase and compensation for losses. Court of first instance: death is not a major flaw in the appeal of the court dismissed the appeal of the court of first instance, Ms. Peng and Chen signed a contract between the parties expressed the true meaning of the legal and effective. Death was not occurring in the house involved, but in the area of public areas, the death occurred in a hospital, so do not belong to the major flaws involved in housing, does not affect the normal use of the housing, should not be regarded as an important influence in the contract. In addition, in the process of concluding and performing the contract, the seller, Ms. Chen did not ask for the purchase of things, there is no legal obligation to disclose the initiative. Whether the parties should be informed of the scope of such events have not been agreed, and occurred in the district’s death is not a secret event, and Ms. Peng has been living in the same area. Therefore, Ms. Chen’s behavior does not belong to deliberately conceal important facts. Ultimately, the court of first instance dismissed the appeal of ms.. The Chengdu intermediate people’s Court: the seller refund compensation to conceal the important information from the fact that the Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of second instance, the court examined the records of the police investigation and analysis, should be identified from the case involving the daughter Chen house falls, the house involved "kyrgyzstan". Therefore, based on the "good fortune" good wishes, because people will always involve non normal deaths Jun house相关的主题文章: