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The United Nations: Arabia spring Arabia state of $600 billion original title: United Nations report: "Arabia spring" burn $613 billion 800 million economic growth [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported]   a new United Nations report, "Arabia spring" to Arabia country lost nearly $614 billion growth. This is the first report on the economic impact of the Arabia spring. Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on November 12, said the report pointed out that the conflict between the years of 2011 to to the relevant areas of net loss of $613 billion 800 million worth of economic activity, equivalent to GDP of the region’s $6%. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia "(ESCWA) was used before 2011 growth forecast, the direct and indirect effects of calculation methods including those conflicts, including a wave of refugees, and the tourism industry to decline. The report also shows that in 2011 after the conflict in the country, as well as those affected by the conflict with the affected countries, a total of $243 billion in financial shortage, more than the previous forecast of $217 billion 900 million in 2011. ESCWA said in the report, the Arabia region in 2011 after the turmoil brought about by economic and political uncertainty, continued to suppress the region’s growth, employment and stability prospects". In December 2010, 26 year old Tunisian vegetable seller sub Kiki doing business in the market, selling the car was an official confiscated, officials also slapped him, sub Kiki angrily committed self Immolation protest, protest the fire of a get out of hand, long dissatisfaction with social injustice, poverty, political elite greedy nationwide protests erupted into a government crackdown. Anger into a revolution, social and political conflicts began to spill over, in Libya, Syria, Yemen detonated war. Spread half of Middle East unrest in the region, called the "spring of Arabia". But the anger and protests failed to blossom into the winter of Arabia". ESCWA said, Libya, Syria, Yemen since the civil war, the old regime was overthrown after the establishment of the new government has not committed to eliminating the "cause" spring of Arabia, economic and social stagnation, social justice back, some countries human rights record fall. The report said that the conflict "caused other economic and social indicators worsened, including debt, unemployment, corruption and poverty". The unrest caused international refugee crisis, the loss of population in the world, because of a lot of refugees and hard for the entry of refugees and the country itself, constitutes a serious loss and burden, and thereby prevent their growth. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: